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Political Cartoon: Obamacare Or Republicare Essay

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Have you ever gotten sick or know of anyone who has but cannot afford the medicine? If so then you must ask yourself, “how am I going to get your hands on the medicine that I need?” With the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), you would not have to worry about that. ObamaCare is an affordable health care plan to which all American citizens can get medically taken care of without spending a fortune, regardless of what is wrong with them. Obama-care is necessary to the American public. Reasons being for ObamaCare being necessary are that middle and lower class citizens cannot afford health insurance, certain plans do not offer certain medical procedures, and it ensures citizens to have no medical worries. One of many political cartoons that talk about ObamaCare is called “’Obamacare’ or ‘Republicare’” and that is the cartoon I will be writing aout. Political cartoons are an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message that can relate to current events or traits. A political cartoon is made up of two elements: caricature and allusion. Political cartoons are main resources that offer interesting and amusing insights into the public mood, the underlying cultural expectations of age, and attitude towards current events or key events.
Political cartoons are more complex than they may seem. They express compound political issues in unassuming and amusing ways. This is done to make a point about the issues and flaws that the cartoon is conveying. When in reality, most cartoons usually convey less information than mumbling or gesturing. Attached is a political cartoon about ObamaCare. This cartoon title is “’Obamacare’ or ‘Republicare’”. On the ObamaCare side is a picture of a donkey to represent the Democrats. On top of the donkey is middle to lower class man all bloody and band aided up with Obama himself, putting his arm around his shoulder. Also, Obama is standing while the man is sitting on the donkey, letting people know that Obama cares about the everyday Americans needs. I believe the man in this cartoon is middle to lower class is because he is wearing torn clothing. Also, the donkey looks very rundown, even sad. Lastly, President Obama’s face is looking up at the Republican man, with the face of “Hope” poster for the 2008 presidential campaign. I think this cartoon is saying that people need ObamaCare especially if you are hurt or sick. Doctors are charging way too much for an office visit where they do not even examine the person out. On the Republicare side is a heavy wealthy Caucasian man sitting on an elephant to represent the Republicans. The elephant is holding a money bag that the Caucasian man is reaching for. On the elephant are two words, “Richest Americans”. The elephant is looking very mean and evil, while the man has his eyes on the money bag with a smile on his face. I believe this is saying that the Republicans do not need the Affordable Care Act because they have enough money in their pockets to pay...

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