Obamacare's Transition Causes Problems Essay

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Insurance rates going up, citizens getting angry, politicians going crazy. These are examples of only some of the bad things Obamacare has done to people. Citizens that don’t want Obamacare shouldn’t have to have it for these three main reasons: Obama said on multiple occasions that people would be able to keep their original health insurance once Obamacare is intact, Obamacare will cost taxpayers that don’t even want the insurance thousands of dollars yearly, and people ,such as the Catholics, are having a problem with the contraception Obamacare covers. There is absolutely no reason why people shouldn’t be able to keep their original health insurance. If they wanted Obamacare they would have signed up for the insurance online.
He Said “Keep It” Individual Mandate
You watched it on the news, read it in the papers and listened to it via radio, the quote from our current President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, that stated, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” (Cordon)

This quote kept Democrats some-what settled over the matter of the Obamacare Act. The act was supposed to help out families and others who couldn’t afford their own health insurance, or helped out people whose jobs don’t provide health insurance. Soon after the health care act was passed by Congress, people got pink letters in the mail saying that their health insurance had been canceled due to the Obamacare Act. Citizens who got this letter became livid because they had been told time after time by Barack Obama himself that they would be able to keep their original health insurance plan.
People buy different insurance for different reasons. [A woman that is pregnant would want insurance that covers maternity benefits. A family would want coverage that supports all of the families needs. When Obama was putting this whole thing together he didn’t exactly think that different people have different needs. The main point of Obamacare was to spread insurance so everyone would have it. Even if the person didn’t need certain coverage or want it. This means that everyone that has Obamacare will have the same coverage, ultimately making everyone with the coverage equal.(Kim)
How Much Will it Cost?
For many people without Obamacare the question of how much will it really cost today and tomorrow’s taxpayers? MIllions or billions of dollars? Not even close. Try 1.8 trillion dollars over the next decade for the middle class citizens. It won’t only raise taxes, but it is now starting to double the amount you pay for non-obamacare insurance; that is if you...

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