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Obamacare: The Future Of Healthcare Essay

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My first reason for supporting Obamacare is that there are now more consumer rights and protections for patients. Before Obamacare, patients could get taken advantage by insurance companies. If a child that had a condition like asthma or diabetes insurance companies turned them down. Under the new healthcare law, no American can be denied by an insurance company due to an illness or injury. Today there are approximately 17.6 million American children that have a pre existing health condition. Now they can all be covered and many lives could be saved (“Healthcare”). It is amazing that every American can get healthcare now, but what is the point if we do not know how to use it. Many Americans ...view middle of the document...

The number of uninsured Americans had increased 32% in 10 years (Tate 53). Obamacare is trying to lower the number of uninsured Americans by raising the poverty line and allow more people to join Medicaid and get insured. Raising the poverty line can help more people get insured and become protected when they get hurt. Because many people get hurt or develop a disease, they have to retire early. Before Obamacare the life savings of many early retirees vanished. How is that? Well when they retire their employer does not provide them with insurance. Most of them are not eligible to apply for Medicaid either. So they end up losing their life savings due to high rates. Obamacare has developed a $5 billion dollar program to help early retirees stay covered after they retire.
Furthermore, one of the main problems of healthcare in the past is the lack of quality and the cost of healthcare. Obamacare created the individual mandate. With the individual mandate comes the expansion of Medicaid. Medicaid is an insurance program that helps families and individuals with low income. With the expansion of Medicaid, the federal poverty line has been raised to 133%. If your income is below 133% of the federal poverty line, you can apply for Medicaid. This will benefit many people who were above the federal poverty line but not rich enough get health insurance. This will help groups like childless adults, working parents, pregnant women, and the elderly who do not have health insurance (Tate 75). Obamacare has also created health insurance exchanges as well. “…a health insurance exchange is a marketplace very much like your neighborhood supermarket. When you need groceries, you visit your store to buy the products…A health insurance exchange works the same way except the product isn’t milk or cereal, but health insurance.” With the creation of health insurance exchanges, Americans can basically shop for health insurance online and find the best one for them (Tate 86). Adding to the list of benefits Obamacare also offers tax credits for small businesses. Many small businesses do not offer insurance for their workers. If they do now they will get tax credits from the government (Tate 105). Out of pocket expenses will help many as well. Many insurance plans offer out-of-pocket limits. These are the most a consumer will have to pay in...

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