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Obese Men And Ethnic Groups Essay

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Whether obese males are considered a cultural or ethnic group cannot be determined without understanding what these terms, and the term obesity, mean. Obesity is the politically correct term for a person who is, "fat." To be considered obese you must have over 30% body fat in your total body weight compared to your height. A cultural group is, a group of people who have learned to behave in similar ways. There are numerous definitions for what an ethnic group is, including: have a common biological descent; have shared cultural values; share a common language; and have a group identity, either identified by themselves or by others.The constitution of the United States, gives people the right to freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the first amendment. Being an obese person myself, I understand what it is to be made fun of, or to have my feelings hurt with "fat-jokes." The majority of obese men, who could be considered a cultural or ethnic group, believe so, because they are persecuted verbally.I believe that obese males are not a cultural group or ethnic group, but that they are only a persecuted minority. To be considered a cultural group, by definition, obese males would have to have learned to behave in similar ways, and the individuals in that group would be powerless to satisfy their needs and wants. I don't believe that obese males would agree in any way that they have learned to behave in similar ways. Being an obese male, I did not learn how to behave as an obese male in life. I don't think anyone who is obese behave the same way. If...

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