Obese Persons' Obsession With Food Essay

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Working as a waitress in a restaurant has allowed me to observe people on a normal basis. Often, I would see people who are considered overweight, or as many would say obese. Whenever I see someone enter into the restaurant that is obese, I always ask myself these questions why on earth would they ever allow themselves to become obsessed with food like that? Are they not concerned with their limitations as an obese person? Most importantly, have they considered the major health issues that come with obesity, like death? My brother and father are great examples, I am accustomed to come home every night to see them sitting on the sofa with a bag of empty potato chips and empty cartons of ice cream all around the living room. Yet, they both have difficulty walking up a flight of stairs, all due to the effects of obesity. A look at food obsession, lifestyle limitations, and health issues should show how negatively effective obesity can be to a person's life.
Food has become an obsession for most obese people. It has taken control over their lives. Today people have greater access to food, as compared to the 1930's Great Depression, where people were suffering in starvation. Fast food corporations seem to be at greater fault for a lot of people's obesity, and this is especially stated in the movie Super Size Me. Some instances in the restaurant where I serve people, I have orders from a single person that consists of a three course meal, plus deserts. It only seems like they haven't eaten in over a month, like they were just held captive in a basement without any food, but it was only three days ago that I had served this same person. To illustrate, whenever I am on break, I sometimes observe these people discreetly, and watch them consume the massive amounts of food into their mouths that seem to comfort them like there is no tomorrow. It takes an extra 3,500 calories a person must consume in order to gain a pound or lose a pound. (J.M. & Foege 2207-2212) Instead of becoming obsessed with food, why can't we become obsessed with something healthier? This obsession with food that many obese people have is an issue that most have difficulty dealing with.
Obesity limits your physical lifestyle. This extra weight may make it harder to perform everyday activities as you get older. For example, my brother and father will open the refrigerator and only really take a close look at whats on top, or whats at eye level with them because they are unable to bend over...

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