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Obese People Tend To Request Of Lesser Pay Compared To Non Obese People For A Similar Task Ryerson Research Paper

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Running head: NOVEL EXPERIMENT 1
Obese People Tend to Request of Lesser Pay Compared to Non-Obese People for A Similar Task
Is it a rule that the obese persons should request for less money for a similar job they complete with other normal weight individuals?
The obese individuals are always teased in the society for their big bodies. From the ancient time's people have had different thoughts on overweight individuals. For instance, in Australia, most people think that obesity is self-induced (who., 2017). However, previous studies show that over the years, some changes have been expended regarding the attitude of the society towards the people their race, sexual orientation, and gender among others (seo & lee, 2014). On the contrary, such studies also show that the attitude the society has on obese and overweight people has not changed, and that is why the Australians believe that such conditions are self-induced. Further research postulates that in most cases, people may not say anything to the face of overweight people but their behavior towards the overweight individuals speak volumes including how they look at the overweight individual even in the street.
Regarding work and pay, it is rumored that the overweight persons tend to ask for lesser pay as compared to average weight individual. It is believed that the wages one is entitled to are measured depending on the skills and the nature of work (iannaccone et al., 2016). Based on the above knowledge, we, therefore, seek to research to establish why the obese individuals tend to request a lesser pay than their normal weight counterparts. Hence, we designed to test for the above notion and equally find out any argument prompting the obese individual stop to ask for lesser pay yet they perform the task just like other normal people in the sociality.
We decide to choose economic field experiments with respondents being 100. The respondents were chosen for different social-economic backgrounds with their ages varying from 21 to 60 years. All the participants were from the university as the majority were undergraduate while the remaining were postgraduate students (seo & lee, 2014). Additionally, as the students of school of social work at the university, they majored on the economic analysis of social work.
The training was done to the participants for about 6 hours as the training sessions majored on the adequate description of the requirements of the experiment. Some of the respondents were chosen to be the monitors, and at some point, the monitors were asked to recruit about ten participants. Bias on the selection by the monitors were avoided by ensuring that the monitors selected the participants randomly (bonsaksen, fagermoen & lerdal, 2015). The monitors were equally asked to consider gender balance as they selected the participants. The monitors recorded employment activities of the respondents regarding their areas of work weather under...

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