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Increase In Obesity Rates Essay

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Increase in obesity rates have gone up in North America, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Island, Australia, and China since the 1980’s (Mandal). But out of all these countries, the United States holds the first position (CBSNews). Through the years society has struggled with major health issues such as obesity. It causes severe problems physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometimes it becomes uncontrollable causing individuals have an excessive amount of fat stored in their body making their metabolism slow down. This could lead to serious factors such as early death. When someone walks into a fast food chain, they would be offered to have their meal super-sized or have something on the side. In the fast food we consume, it has high-fructose corn syrup, an artificial sweetener that has major health risk issues if consumed too much. In order to reduce the obesity percentage, the government should require all schools and restaurants to have a salad bar, increase the access to public water fountains for schoolchildren, or lower the concept about supersizing fast food meals.
Most people argue that obesity is a disorder primarily of willpower. However, data suggests that there is an underlying biological problem directly involved in obesity (Schwartz, M.D). Since obesity plays such a large factor in humans today, it may or may not have an addicting factor to it. About two hundred years ago, there used to be a craze with alcohol. Many adults and children drank it casually and it became addicting because it became a part of their daily life. Just like alcohol, fast food has also is becoming a part of our daily life. According to the Fast Food Statistics, about twenty percent of Americans consume two fast food meals per week (StaticBrain). This could cause major health issues in individuals. It would increase the amount of sodium and cholesterol causing high blood pressure and clogging the coronary arteries, arteries that lead to the heart. In the end it would cause early death.
Although the United States is the most obese country in the world, other countries have several strategies to prevent getting that title. In Japan, it is their tradition to have a balanced meal into smaller proportions, eating several times a day so it is easier to digest. They also manage their waistline measurement very seriously. “In 2008, the Global Post reported, the Tokyo government established a maximum waistline size for people above the age of 40: 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women (Ghosh). Under Japan’s health care coverage rules, employees who fail to meet waistline guidelines are forced to undergo counseling” (Ghosh). With this strict policy, many would be pressured in maintaining their weight so they wouldn’t have to be forced into counseling. Another example is Great Britain’s idea of keeping the residents normal weighted. Fifty percent of the population is obese and they needed something to cut that number short...

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