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Obesity: A Consequence Of America's Eating Habits

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There are many factors that cause obesity, there are cultural factors, biological, and psychological. There are also claims that obesity is a habit forced on the population by media. But what happens to people who suffer from this terrible illness? Obesity has become a handicap in America, thus the amount of the population of obese people has increased significantly in the last century, and the population of people over weight is now over 60%. How to overcome obesity, lose weight as well as the concept of a healthy mindset and health issues (long and short term) will be discussed in this paper. There will be a biological, psychological and cultural approach to define this matter.
According to Collingwood in the article “Obesity and Mental Health”, obesity is a social phenomenon that occurs mainly due to low physical activity and unhealthy eating habits: “Obesity mainly is a result of changes in diet and physical activity. In the developing world the rise in obesity due to these factors is known as the ‘nutrition transition.’” (2007, p. 1).
We can also see a clear allusion to the cultural phenomenon of city life, where food has become industrialized, here Collingwood appears to victimize the obese as hopeless characters subject to the consequences of city life: “Urban areas, being much further along in the transition than rural areas, experience higher rates of obesity. Cities offer a greater range of food, usually at lower prices, and city work often demands less physical exertion than rural work” (2007, p. 1).
But Collingwood doesn’t stop here, there is much more to this terrible illness, the author seems to have found a direct connection between obesity and depression. As I continue to scroll down the article I find this very enlightening statement: “Some data have indicated that binge eating may explain, at least in part, the relationship observed between obesity and depression” (2007, p. 2). Collingwood makes it very clear that there is in fact a correlation between depression and obesity later on in that same paragraph: “This may be because binge eating could contribute to weight gain and obesity, which, in turn, may negatively affect mood. Furthermore, recurrent episodes of binge eating are extremely unpleasant for those who experience them, and may put the individual at higher risk of clinical depression” (2007, p. 3).
To this point we have established that one cause to obesity is globalization and that it is most common in urban areas, we have also established that it may lead to depression and mood swings.
Now what about children? Is one born obese? Is there an obese trait? When over 50% of the population is over weight there is terrible risk factor for women feeding their unborn babies with innutritious food that will certainly alter the baby’s diet from before day 1. Here’s are a few interesting quotes from the research paper “Maternal obesity affects gene expression and cellular development in fetal brains”. Studies by...

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