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Obesity: A Hidden Killer Among Us.

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Picture this, a baseball fan jumps to his feet in the bleachers of The Rogers Centre, screaming at the top of his lungs for the Toronto Blue Jays to hold onto their 3-2 lead in the bottom of the ninth inning. He squeezes a Jays' pennant in his left hand while shoving a mustard-smeared hot dog into his mouth with his right. The Yankees have a runner on first, who is sneaking a big lead off the base. The Jays' pitcher has thrown three balls and two strikes to the batter, a notorious power hitter. The fan holds his breath while the pitcher winds up and fires a blazing fastball. "Crack!" The ball jets over the fan's head into the bleachers for a game-winning home run. The fan slumps to his bleacher seat and has a heart attack, and without creating any concern among the crowd, dies exactly five minutes later.If you believe the old saying "you are what you eat," human beings are certainly not what they used to be. Did you know that calories are responsible for 300,000 deaths every year?Before jumping into today's fashionable condemnation of calories, let us spend a moment on historical perspective and at least admit that for mankind's first couple hundred thousand years of existence, the basic human problem was how to get enough calories and micronutrients. Forget the caveman era, as recently as 100 years ago, most people were not receiving adequate nutrition. Malnutrition was rampant, stunting growth, hindering central nervous systems, and making people more susceptible to disease. Often, poor people begged on the streets because they did not have the sheer physical energy to work at a job, even if work was available to them. By modern standards even affluent people a century ago were too small, too thin, and too feeble. A century ago, an American with some spare time and spare change was more likely to sign up for a weight-gaining class than a weight-loss program.Nowadays the basic human problem has morphed from how to obtain calories to how to get rid of them. Calories have become the most feared monster in the lives of many, they haunt you were ever you go. How could mankind make such a drastic turn for the worse?There seem to be many underlying causes surrounding the issue of obesity, many point their fingers at Ronald McDonald and the KFC guy. Fast food restaurants have...

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1268 words - 5 pages just adds more calories” (Mantel, 2010, Preventing obesity). Nevertheless, there is hope for us to unite and combat this growing problem. For example, there have been cases where some parents don’t have access to nearby store that sells healthy food. “The Food Trust and Philadelphia health department have such a program, called the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. So far about 40 corner stores have signed up, with a goal of 1,000 by the end of

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1142 words - 5 pages Obesity is a priority health issue in Australia, having one of the highest prevalence’s among developed countries, with over 12 million, out of an approximate 23 million, Australians either overweight or obese (Colagiuri et al, 2010; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 2013; Crockett, 2014). The number of obese Australians has risen significantly over the past 25 years and is continuing to grow (Walls et al, 2012; Hawley, Dunstan


1839 words - 8 pages effective for everyone. Instead, obesity is best prevented/treated by a case-by-case scenario. It also discusses the role of a health care provider, and how they also need to be involved with their obese and overweight patients. This recent news article again makes the reality of obesity very urgent, as well as gives us a source which we can share with those who participate in our program and which they can understand. Garner, D. M., & Wooley, S. C

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2551 words - 11 pages obesity may reduce U.S. life expectancy: the rising incidence of obesity, especially among children and teenagers, is leading to a variety of diseases that could depress average life span" (2005), journalist Charles C. Mann, asserts that obesity is on the rise, and may reduce the life expectancy of the United States and suggests that obesity rising is also leading to many diseases in children and teenagers, which could drastically decrease their

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