Obesity: A Ravaging Parasite In American Culture

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Currently, the burden of obesity is highly dispersed in the USA populace, especially under the unfriendly-dietary environment where it corrodes healthy lifestyles and promotes obesity. Over the past several years, obese populations among childhood and adulthood have gradually increased; recent estimates from National Center for Health Statistics indicate that approximately 17% of American youth were obese, whereas 35% of adults were obese (Ogden et al.). Nevertheless, obesity and related ceaseless illness such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are huge contributors to preventable morbidity and mortality and current population inclines in corpulence undermine to stall improvement to ...view middle of the document...

In other words, large amount of food has fructose as one of the principal components with the aid of the government. Additionally, Lustig also indicates that “world sugar consumption has tripled in the last 50 years, while the population has only doubled” (336). The lack of governmental restrictions over food components allowing the overuse of fructose has resulted in the growing number of obese people. On the other hand, companies of convenience foods stuff them with sugar to extend shelf life and attract consumers, particularly children (340). Soft drinks and junk foods are accessible in schools or in corner stores nearby. “Thus far, there are no government imposed bans on the marketing of high-sugar-content products to children in the United States” (342). In other words, government agencies and legislators actively support suppliers of injurious foods, in spite of plentiful examinations demonstrating the harmful impacts of their products. Overall, it is clear that the politics and economics of the analysis regarding the causes of obesity should be the main subject of governmental public concern.
Certainly, discussion of obesity prevention has been a long project of study, and there is a variety of obesity prevention policy in the United States legislation. In 1952, an adviser who named Lester Brelow suggested to the US President’s Commission on Health Needs of the Nation that weight control is a major public wellbeing issue (Patel 280). Nonetheless, the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased sharply over the last two decades, and this figure is likely to increase in the future (Hedley et al.). Conclusively, successful treatments for overweight and obesity have been elusive. According to Jeffery W. Robert and Rena R. Wing, they indicate that the current weight lose program for grown ups only results in about a 10% lessening in body weight and practically all patients regain the weight within a few years of medication. Obesity treatments for children and adolescents have yielded in similar effects. Moreover, only about 10% of obese youngsters and teenagers seek weight loss treatment. (French et al.). Regardless of the fact that numerous assessments of weight gain prevention programs have been conducted, their results have not been completely inspected and analyzed. Due to the small impact of current obesity prevention programs, the revision of related policies is a need.
In addition, regulation of advertisements is also essential to the growing number of obese people. Ever since TV was invented, advertisement has been one of the influential factors in the society, especially in the food industry. In 1963, everyone in the US owned a television (Patel 269). It has clearly become a social phenomenon, where people are watching the same thing simultaneously. This social wonder develops our tastes and even its timing is established by forces we seldom recognize (272). In other words, the excessive use of television allows the...

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