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Obesity A Silent Murderer An Analysis Of The Article Growing Pains

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Obesity a Silent Murderer
An analysis of the article Growing Pains
Every year millions of magazines publish articles that are mainly target fashion, gossip, sports, health, cars and technology. The concept of fashion and those topics have been used to spread the idea that by being the best in sports , having the best car ,having top technology, best income or being the best dressed is one’s ultimate goal in life. Although, this is not true most people tend to think it is . While people mainly focus on this, they forget about an important topic, health. Every year a new disease, symptom, virus, medicine, and new facts about health are discovered. Certainly, when having to read about health can seem boring, but the impact it can have in our lives won’t be so boring. The outcome of that impact can save our lives. One of the main concerns about health is obesity. It doesn’t discriminate, neither does death. Obesity, a “growing pain”(as the title refers to it ), can trouble our future more than we can imagine. The question is do we ever stop to think about this? No, because we tend to think that won’t happen to me. Obesity doesn’t only affect a person’s physical health but also their emotional health.
“Growing Pains” an article written by, Jane Shin Park, wass published on the 2009 July/June teen vogue magazine issue. “As millions of teens pack on extra pounds, they are facing a troubling future.” says Jane. “scary skinny” are the words hoarding the newspaper articles , this makes the audience think that being skinny ,is one of the main weight issues this days, however, that is not completely accurate. One that is scarcely noticed on television or newspaper headlines ,is being obese or overweight .Doctors describe this as a quieter ,but more important issue , one that’s rarely seen in TV shows ,or magazines. According to recent government studies one in three children (mainly teens) is overweight or obese. “The two terms are interchanged quite often, but what it means to be overweight and obese is totally different” mentions Melissa Dunn a physical therapist. The difference she says is your BMI. “If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you’re considered overweight and 30 and above you are obese,” says Dunn. This obesity and overweight problems are only the beginning of serious health issues such as, high cholesterol, blood pressure, fatty livers, and diabetes. As bad as these sounds, those aren’t the worst news. After years of research, recent studies showed that increased body fat can be connected to different types of cancer. As to the causes of obesity there are some contributing factors, including genetic, psychological, sociological ones. Another is that as teenagers grow they become more and more sedentary. “Making diet changes may seem easier, but being active is just as important for your overall longevity,” advices Dunn. “Since losing weight my confidence has increased so much,” says Giovanna, who advices teenagers to become aware...

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