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Child Obesity: A Ticking Time Bomb

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Child obesity is predominantly caused by eating more than the daily recommended number of calories and not moving around enough to burn them. If it is not tackled appropriately this will rob the many nations’ of intelligent talented and potential leaders according to the Youth Engagement Guide.
Obesity is the accumulation of abnormal or excessive fat that will later on present risks in the child’s adult life. Paediatric obesity is one of the major lifestyle issues in modern society. It has tripled since the 1980’s due to the increasing sedentary lifestyle of children. According to a research study carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2010 a third of the worlds’ children and adolescents are overweight.
The UK Government is encouraging more methods of reducing childhood obesity. As reported by the University of Cambridge in an article, there have been many actions taken towards the changes in the make-up of school dinners and the availability of food snacks. The Scottish government endeavours to continue the promotion of balanced healthy and nutritious schools meals by continuing to assist schools to make dinners more appealing to school and there have been collaborations with local businesses to promote lower energy and less dense foods.
A research study conducted by Veughlers (2000), on students from schools and programs was put together based on healthy eating plans show lower levels of overweight and obese pupils. The results gathered from the study reflected that contributing factors were to do with consistent healthy eating and regular physical activity. Hence the cooperation of physical activity in schools is encouraged as positive results are produced in the future and there is a mass reduction of chronic conditions.
Fast foods are enticing to children and some parents may have difficulty saying no to their children. A report by the International Association for the Study of Obesity addresses the fact that firms are utilizing the internet to manipulate the highly impressionable minds of young children. Most people have put fast food advertising the blame with the argument that young children are easily influenced and become victims of food industry. In an article “Junk food, marketed to children on social media using games” (2009) it is stated that McDonalds are using the latest happy meals promote the kung Fu panda movie. The First Lady of America has expressed the dilemma we have in society. “Today we have more choices than ever before about how we live and eat but some of those choices are inappropriate for our children.”
During this time of recession over our heads, most families find it cheaper to buy these fast food meals rather than the healthy nutritious ones simply because global food companies sell their products at a much cheaper price. Jill McDonald the head of McDonalds UK states that “customers are a lot more discerning about how they spend their money. We can offer a meal out for a family of four for...

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