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Obesity America's Largest Health Problem Essay

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Obesity America's largest Health problem
In modern America obesity is one of the largest problems. Obesity rates have more than doubled in adults and children since the 1970s (Food Research and Action Center P.1). This significant increase of obesity in Americans has caused the number of issues that range from traditional health problems to national defense.
Health issues are a major problem for obese people. High blood pressure is one of the many issues associated with obesity. It's also the number one cause of death in Americans older then 25 with 75 million people suffering from high blood pressure in America today. (Center for Disease Control). Type two diabetes is also a major concern when it comes to obesity. According to the world health organization more than 90% of diabetes patients worldwide have type two diabetes type two diabetes is most often caused because of obesity(Medical Weight Loss Resources). Also connected to obesity is heart disease according to the American Heart Association, obesity is a major risk factor for developing coronary heart disease which can lead to heart attack or stroke, and people who are overweight are at a greater risk of suffering a heart attack before the age of 45. Obese adolescents also have a greater chance of suffering a heart attack before the age of 35. One of the most shocking and non-talked about health related issues with obesity is cancer. A study by the American Heart Association found that being overweight increases your chances for developing cancer by 50% (CDC & MEDI).

Obesity does not only affect adults in America, it's also the largest growing health issue for young Americans. Since 1980 the obesity rate in children age 6-11 in the United States has gone from 7% to nearly 18% into 2012. Similarly the percentage of obese adolescents age 12-19 has increased from 5% to nearly 21% in...

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