Obesity: An Epidemic Essay

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Obesity is a medical condition that affects children, teenagers and adults, and in recent years has caused many disorders that are potentially life-threating. All individuals consist of fat in their body, but sometimes body can store more fat than needed in the body due to a disorder or excessive eating, therefore they would be classified as obese. According to Professor Jane Wardle, obesity rates started to rise soon after 1984 and she explained that it steadily raised under one percentage a year. Furthermore, obesity is believed to be a started from America, as throughout WW2, the world witnessed America dominate with new powers and develop new technology. This technology started to replace physical effort in both work and leisure. This reduced the amount of energy that was spent and a prime contributor was the creation of fast foods, which increased the amount of energy intake creating an energy imbalance. Subsequently, the list of contributing factors grew larger, whether that was the mass production and use of cars, the introduction of microwaves or the birth of strategic advertisements. Not to mention, children born during the technological boom grew attached and adapted to technology. Today teens’ food choices are an outcome of social influences, which are leading to an escalation of obesity rates, thereby creating an unhealthy lifestyle. This paper will discuss the three main factors contributing to the epidemic obesity. The factors being the changed food eating ways over the years, advancements in technology and lastly strategic advertisements.
Firstly, the food eating habits have evolved, fast foods have taken over fresh and healthy foods. Not to mention, fast food making processes are very unhealthy and the habit of using microwaves contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle which cause individuals to become unfit and obese. Since the creation of fast-foods, the amount of money spent on eating food away from home has increased, as the statistics show that 90% of the Canadian population spends money on fast food restaurants or formal restaurants vs. the 10% Canadians that do not. Fast food restaurants have become very common, being accessible to everyone as a means of cheap, fast, and tasty alternate to healthy home-made food according to Bloomberg business week magazines studies. It may seem that eating fast food saves money, but the customer is paying a big price which is their health and risk of obesity. Furthermore, fast-food are known to have caused many life-threatening and long-lasting disorders/diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and the risk of cancer. This is due to excessive eating of fast food but more threatening because of the types of ingredients used in such fast-foods, some of those ingredients being trans-fat and cholesterol. Trans-fat acids are used to increase shelf-life of products such as chicken, which shows how unhealthy some of these fast-food products can be for our bodies as they can be in...

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