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Obesity And Asthma Essay

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Obesity and asthma

Obesity is associated with several well-known health hazards, including diabetes and heart diseases. Furthermore, evidence from recent year suggest that obesity is a risk factor for asthma, which means there is a relationship between them. Many studies show that obesity is a risk factor for asthma, and it has a positive correlation between increase in body mass index BMI and the development of asthma. Obesity has the ability of reducing lung compliance and disturbing the ventilation perfusion relationship. Therefore, there are several side effects of obesity in asthmatic patients, which lead to development of asthma. ...view middle of the document...

The association between BMI and levels of asthma severity and asthma control was evaluated by Lovoie et al2. In 382 adults out patient with asthma, 39% and 25%, respectively, were overweight and obese. From this study, there was significant association showing that patients with higher BMI had more symptoms, greater limitation in daily activities, and more need for rescue medications, comparing with normal weight. In addition, higher BMI was also connected with lower scores on the Asthma Quality of Life. Peter-Golden et al2 studied the influence of BMI on the response to asthma controller medication in 3,037 adults with moderate asthma. The primary end in this study was asthma control days "defined as days with a maximum of two puffs of reliever medication, no night time awakening, and no asthma attacks."2 This study showed that the normal weight patients had higher percentage of asthma control days (34%). However, patients who were overweight and obese had 25% and 26% asthma control days, respectively. In conclusion, these studies showed that there is a negative association between obesity and asthma control, which means that obesity is an important risk factor for uncontrolled asthma.
The response to asthma therapy has a negative relationship with the obesity. Anderson and Lipworth2 have recently studied the effect of BMI on response to inhaled budesonide. In 72 patients who have moderate persistent asthma, researches divided the sample into two groups: overweight, which BMI is more than 25 kg/m2 , and normal weight, which BMI is less than 25 kg/m2 . Each group received two 4- week treatment periods with inhaled budesonide 200 µg/d and 800 µg/d, which is separated by a wash-out period. Outcome variables included total daily asthma symptoms score, and overnight urinary cortisol/ creatinine ratio. The study showed that overweight patients...

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