Obesity And Occupational Therapy Position Paper

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Obesity is a health problem which is growing very rapidly all over the world. Current health articles such as this one, are emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise, to keep a healthy body weight, and to avoid obesity and its consequences at all costs. It is extremely important to make sure one is maintaining a good body weight in order to avoid other complications later on in life.
After reading this article, I discovered that occupational therapists have the ability to help the client loose his excess weight, in a way that enables the client to make the choice of how he would like to specifically go about doing it. I feel that this “client-centered approach” is extremely effective because everyone’s body is different and it is therefore very important to understand what is really the best way for that specific person to loose weight, because not every intervention will work for everyone. For ...view middle of the document...

” To explain, I now realize how the field of occupational therapy is an entirely different field than any other healthy profession. We place a significant focus on the client, therefore, in an attempt to treat a disease such as obesity, we enable the client to learn to play an active role in his or her own recovery. Moreover, we allow them to take responsibility for making the decisions that will allow for the greatest degree of growth and progress. Furthermore, we do not just set goals for the treatment. Rather, by understanding what occupations are meaningful to them, we can guide them into setting their own goals for achievement in weight loss. We may just modify them, so the goals are realistic, and attainable. In this way, the individual will successfully achieve their goals with our professional help.

Upon reading this article, and learning about obesity and its side effects in class, I have only become more aware of how it is a growing issue. Therefore, I have already made efforts to make changes in me and my family’s lifestyles to prevent this from occurring. My awareness of our bad eating habits has started last year, therefore I involved my whole family into gradually changing our diets and promote more physical activity. For example, we try to incorporate more whole foods into our diets by eating fruits, vegetables, and generally foods that are not processed. Additionally, we currently eat brown rice instead of white rice and whole grain bread instead of white bread. Furthermore, I highly encourage my family to go out for walks together after eating our dinners, and to be more active outside than inside. My family and I are also very aware of what we buy at the grocery store and always read nutrition labels before buying any food items. Also, I recently emailed my parents the video we watched in class in which Jamie Oliver spoke about the concerns of the food we eat. My recognition for healthy living is tremendously growing on my family and me and I try to ensure that we maintain this type of lifestyle by constantly keeping them updated with the issues of obesity and being overweight.

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