Obesity And Rollup: A Personal Invention

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The percentage of adults overweight or obese in the U.S. is roughly around 69.2%, with 33% being overweight, 35.7% obese, and nearly 6.3% extremely obese. Children and adolescences have a lower percentage at 33.6% being overweight and obese (Starkoff). These numbers are staggering and there seems to be no sign of improvement. Part of the problem of rising obesity rates is due to over consumption of sugar. Sugar typically refers to white, granulated sugar, also called sucrose. Sugar intake from sugary foods and sweeteners like granulated sugar cause blood sugar to spike and then tumble, which can result in moodiness and low energy. A diet high in added sugar can also lead to weight gain and promote cavities and tooth decay. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting total intake of discretionary calories, which include added sugars and solid fats, to 5%–15% of daily caloric intake, yet many Americans continue to exceed these recommendations (Welsh, Sharma & Grellinger, 2011). Approximately 16% of children and adolescents’ total caloric intakes came from added sugars.
People are consuming these oversized beverages and sugary foods and not thinking of the effects to their overall health. A major problem, specifically with soft drinks, is that people do not feel as full as if they had eaten the same amount of calories from a solid food. Excess consumption of sugary foods and beverages can be associated with a lower intake of minerals, vitamins, and a lack of phytochemicals. These foods and beverages provide large amounts of sugar, mainly high fructose corn syrup, for many people’s diet. High fructose corn syrup does not trigger the production of insulin or leptin. Without the production of leptin and insulin, the body does not recognize the feeling of satiety, and an individual is essentially taking in empty calories. The primary role of leptin is to communicate with the central nervous system. Leptin informs the central nervous system of available energy stores, as well as reduces the amount of food consumed. Leptin induces energy expenditure, which is one of the most important signals in maintaining energy homeostasis (Yang & Barouch, 2007). The lack of leptin causes people to not feel full and usually causes them to ingest many more calories than they would have if the body had felt satisfied. This creates the issue of people to going over their recommended daily caloric intake, which leads gradual weight gain.
Many people live in areas lacking supermarkets that contain nutritionally rich foods. These areas are often referred to as “food deserts.” Some people do a lot of their food shopping at corner stores and convenience stores. These places have a high content of sugary foods like cakes, donuts, and cookies. These foods tend to be relatively cheap for the amount of food being consumed, giving them a higher popularity. These foods lack ingredients that will help someone feel full and satisfied, so they may be consuming many more snacks...

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