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I decided to analyze an article from The American Diabetes Association, which talks about obesity being one of the biggest threats to the health of Americans. The article brings up a very interesting point about our primitive ancestors not experiencing obesity, regardless of our same genetic makeup. Throughout history, obesity wasn’t a common health topic that our ancestors worried about. Hunters and gatherers had bodies that were capable of storing food as energy to survive the unavoidable food shortages. Obviously, modern humans share the same ability to process and store food as hunters and gatherers. However, the evolution of obesity seems to suggest a correlation with food shortages. Humans have evolved technological advances to diminish any sort of effects from famines. With that being said, food shortages in the United States have decreased significantly compared to those primitives that hunted for their food on a daily basis. Modern may have an advantage from their ancestors, but the increase of food consumption leads to an accumulation of fat throughout the years. 
The relationship between modernization and obesity, appears to be the cause for our cultures evolving diet phases. Our culture bombards people with weight loss schemes and pointless unhealthy diets, while promoting obesity. It is not impossible to stay healthy in America, but obesity is definitely encouraged by our environment and there is much more about the modern American culture that is conductive to gaining weight. Food could be found anywhere and everywhere, making it difficult to avoid eating at necessary times during the day. Americans are constantly bombarded with food ads, tempted with fast food restaurants on every corner and more limitations on exercise opportunities. More precisely, traditional American food involves a high amount of sugar and fat intake instead of promoting healthy options. 
In the United States, particular social groups have been recognized to experience high frequency of obesity. Critical medical anthropology is defined in Chapter 16 as, an approach to examine the impact of inequality on human health by analyzing the impact of...

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