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Obesity Causes Diseases Essay

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Some researchers claim that more than 300,000 Americans are dying due to obesity every year and the number is rising annually. That is a huge number and it can be fixed a number of ways but some individuals are lazy some can’t lose the weight because of medical reason. Obesity causes disease from diabetes to heart disease and in some cases death. Obesity in children is growing problems to children who are obese have a higher chance to get diabetes or heart failure. The school environment is one of several settings that can influence children’s food choices and eating habits. Schools can ensure that the available food and beverage options are healthy and help young people eat food ...view middle of the document...

Obesity prevention will require both a personal and social/cultural change in lifestyle. A large volume of current research will help clarify what will be most helpful.
On September 13, 2012 New York City Board of Directors and Mayor Bloomberg of New York City imposed a ban on 32 Oz sugary to be sold. Shortly after the vote Mr. Bloomberg stated “This is the single biggest step any city, I think, has ever taken to curb obesity,” The vote did not go into effect until March 12th, 2013. Many people did oppose like Elliot Hoffman, a spokesman for New Yorkers Beverage Choices who said “This is not the end. “More than half of adult New Yorkers are obese or overweight, according to the city’s health department, which said it believed 5,000 New Yorkers died every year as a result of health problems related to obesity.
Exercise can go a long way if you’re trying to diet and lose weight. Calorie budgeting can help to your body needs the calories so you can have energy. If you don’t burn those calories your body will turn it into fat and you’ll start gaining weight. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is the tool most commonly used to estimate overweight and obesity in children and adults. For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are measured by using weight and height to compute the person's BMI. The BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with the...

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