Obesity: Choice Or Disease Essay

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Time has only developed the human body into a fat hoarding machine, using food as comforting agent, instead of its main purpose of nourishment. With a busy day to day life as a typical American you do not have the access to the gym, which means the quick processed food you are eating will be stored as fat in your body. Fast-food restaurants, fattening foods, and the easy access to the sugar aren’t helping with the rising problem of obesity. The accumulation of excessive body fat is known as obesity, unbelievably in 50 years the rates of obesity has went from 33% in 1950 to the rates increasing by 214% in 2000 (LIVESTRONG Foundation 2014). Undeniably screaming the haunting truth about ...view middle of the document...

People choose to become lazy with themselves and not put an effort into living life with a healthy outlook. Most cases of obesity can occur after a major surgery, or traumatic event. Leaving you with the Doctor’s orders of taking it easy and no strenuous activity, you will fall into a state where all you have to do is eat and lay down to rest (Understanding Obesity 2000). Which is step one in forming a lifelong habit of laziness, only to become worse as time continues on, if you cannot stop the habit while it is young.
Junk food is a main culprit in the battle against obesity in children (SPARK 2009-2014). When children are more likely to choose a sweet, sugary food/drink to make up 40% of their diet rather than to eat an apple and drink water you can clearly see the rising problem. When raising our children to grow up and love the food it will only follow them throughout life. The fat cells developed while you are a child never go away. The fatty cells stick with a person all their life and can come back into your life to haunt you for making the wrong health decisions.
Anyone can choose to limit themselves from over eating, but most will choose not to. There are fitness groups, online clubs, and dieting clubs that are out in the world waiting to help someone willing to help themselves battle obesity (Understanding Obesity).
Obesity is one of the most talked about topics in America today,...

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