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Obesity Effect On Sex Essay

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2. There are some impacts of the effects that obesity has on sex. Some include low self-esteem, body image issues, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, less stamina, and etc. It has been said in an article, Obesity Affects Sex Quality and Quantity, from The Observer, that people that are over weight seem to have a lower sex drive due to their self esteem and body issues that they have developed. In the article it is said that men who are obese are more likely to have higher blood pressure and diabetes than those of a normal weight, both diseases are harmful to the body and they can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and Candida, which is a vaginal infection, in women. The article ...view middle of the document...

The article shared knowledge of a syndrome that sometimes will happen when a male is obese; it is called Buried Penis Syndrome (BPS). BPS is something that can happen with obese males, the fat pad around the pubic are continues to grow, causing the penis to appear shorter, and possibly that it is covered by the skin surrounding it. The BPS causes the penis to appear shorter and is not exposed, when the males has an erection, he appears to be less endowed than he actually is, the fat pad causes about an inch of the penis to be hidden, and is not able to be use during intercourse and can cause less stimulation from both parties. The article also talked about there being less sex positions available for couples, being that certain positions require some kind of maneuvering, like the missionary position could be an issue if the male partner is too heavy it could be uncomfortable for the partner underneath, then if the female is on top it could be uncomfortable for the partner on the bottom.
These articles illustrate some of the issues and complications that intercourse can have on intercourse. It spans from the emotional to the physical, and some of the complications come from within because of their insecurities or from the physical lack of being able to have intercourse with their partner.

4. There have been many misconceptions about how obesity affects sex, saying that sex becomes more difficult or less pleasurable, yet this is not true. It may be a little inconvenient at times but there are ways to work around such issues. For example, certain sex positions can alter the feel, and pleasure received by both partners. But because we have spent the time listing all of the reasons that people have that causes them not be able to express their sexuality or engage in intercourse because of their obesity, but it is not condemning any relationship that involves an obese person or couple. On a popular website, Reddit. There was an Ask Reddit post, Obese Couples of Reddit, How Difficult Is Intercourse?, that asked how the people of the Internet have responded to being in a sexual relationship with an obese partner...

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