Obesity In America: Fast Food Restaurants Are Not The Problem

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With the continued growth of fast food restaurants, low priced food, and fast friendly service, these restaurants have become very appealing to the average consumer. With this increase in popularity, there has come many problems for these companies associated with the fast food industry. These stores are being blamed for the rise of obesity and other health issues in America; leading to many wanting a ban or probation on these fast food restaurants. The Government has stepped in on this issue and is trying to coming up with solutions for this so called “epidemic”. “One ordinance has passed by the Los Angeles City Council that bans the issuance of permits relating to the construction of any new fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles, California to promote healthy eating choices” (Creighton, 2009, p. 249). This law stops fast food restaurants from building any new stores in South Los Angeles. This law tells people that the “government is better at making choices for people than the people are for themselves” (Creighton, 2009, p. 249). It is like the government is treating their citizens like children making decisions for them, because they do not know better. Fast food restaurants should not be blamed for the consumers’ health problems, because it is the consumers’ choice to eat there, and these restaurants are not as bad as anti-fast food activists make them out to be.
Webster’s dictionary defines fast food as “food designed for ready availability, use, or consumption and with little consideration given to quality or significance” (2014, p. 1). This definition states that the food served at these restaurants might not be as delicious as the food in a sit down service restaurant that is deemed as high quality and better for your health than fast food. Freedman argues that “many of the dishes glorified by the wholesome-food movement are, in any case, as caloric and obesogenic as anything served in a Burger King” (Freedman, 2013, p. 13). He did a study with smoothies from different providers in his hometown. What he found was “Sprouts (a small health-food eatery) has a 16-ounce smoothie for $9, which took several minutes to prepare, containing 300 calories. Whereas, McDonalds offers a similar smoothie for $3, it takes only a few seconds to make, and contains only 220 calories” (Freedman, 2013, p. 13). This is very important considering that the main factor to people becoming obese is caused by calorie intake versus outtake. With the fast food restaurant, the consumer is taking in less calories than a “healthy” restaurant. For these reasons, fast food restaurants should not be blamed for obesity in America when their servings have less calories than other restaurants.
Fast food restaurants are said to be full of fattening foods that lead to health problems for all of the people that eat at these restaurants on a continually bases. “The fact is, there is simply no clear, credible evidence that any aspect of food processing or storage makes...

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