Obesity In American Schools A Witch Hunt

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In the media, it seems parents are told to fear for their children more and more everyday. One of the hotter paranoid topics of late has been the alleged problem of obesity in the younger generation. It doe not seem to be motivation enough for parents to prepare a wholesome dinner at home anymore. With the help of ubiquitous advertisement, children are making the decision to eat unhealthy on their own time. Thus, maybe this issue can best be approached by enforcing good eating habits where they are the most - school.Through advertisements, children are constantly being swayed with messages to eat unhealthy foods, so should we take the initiative and directly force them to eat their greens with fixed school lunch menus? This is one proposal that has already been adopted at many institutions in Great Britain. Parents meet together and decide which foods their children will eat based on a presentation given by diet experts. The children may only choose from these pre-approved menus. To ensure that children are eating an effective diet, they are periodically made to check in with the school health specialist for reading such as cholesterol, pulse rate, and body fat percentage. If the children do not seem to be responding favorably, their parents meet again with a dietician to reevaluate their child's menu.For Britain, this plan seems to be working better than expected. Children are still encouraged to exercise, but so far the schools are not enforcing any sort of aerobic regiment. Why should they stop at just the food, though? If children are to be getting healthy and losing weight in school, then perhaps we should skip the curriculum entirely and get those children on treadmills. Sure that may seem a bit extreme, but it makes almost as much sense as forcing your children to do fat checkups. If I'm not mistaken, children go to school for education. If they are eating poorly, then perhaps the health classes are not teaching nutrition as I recall. These children make decisions to eat the food they eat because it tastes good and is familiar to them. It would probably be more effective to simply educate them more extensively.Nevertheless, this "crisis" has the absolute attention of parents today. With the ever-growing issue of school funding, companies such as Kraft foods regularly run advertisements on in-school television channels. Sponsorships like this, parents blame, are the reason their children make the wrong health decisions. New...

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