Obesity In Children Essay

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Title Page
Aims 1
Introduction 2
Theory of Change 2
Defining weight and obesity 4
Statistics 4
Research and Studies
Obesity Causes in childhood and solutions
Physically Inactive 6
Genetics 7
Selecting Food 7
Finance and Economic status 8
Effects of Obesity on children 8
Preventing Obesity 9
Evaluation 10
References 11


• Raise awareness about obesity and its adverse health consequences, through an informative talk with the help of the local council.

• Support research into obesity and its health consequences , emphasising on public health promotion.

• To educate parents and their young children about the prevention of obesity and its adverse consequences if not well nourished.


The topic chosen was based on obesity in children in Malta, as Malta is statistically proven that it is one of the biggest countries in the world that have a number of overweight and obese children. In this study, we focused on planning a campaign together with the help of some local councils to deliver an informative message to the children and their parents and the aim is to change their lifestyle by eating healthy, factors that may lead to obesity and preventing children from certain medical diseases. We chose the theory of change to base our studies. After realising the importance of healthy eating, we decided to create awareness so one could understand the context of healthy eating. Our aim was to try and make a change in the diet and lifestyle of a child by promoting awareness to the society. The research carried out was based on other proven studies to fortify the concept chosen.

Theory of change

The Theory of Change is a description that involves planning, on-going decision-making and evaluation. This theory explains the processes and activities which can be promoted at each stage.

Pre-contemplation – People in this stage have no intention to change their lifestyle, behaviour and appearance. These people will not consider making a change unless the problem is there in society. The individual who is obese might deny of what obesity may cause as they do not believe that it is a problem as other people see it. Health professionals may need to involve obese persons in classes and activities in order for the change to happen.

Contemplation – Individuals are aware of the problem and are thinking about change but have not yet made a commitment to an action. Identification of positive outcomes has to be done. This will guide the people involved where they would imagine themselves in a new and better situation.

Preparation – Individuals are ready to change and take action. They will prevent from getting diseases as weight is lost. They should be encouraged for a healthy diet, exercise programs, monitoring weight and health education classes. ...

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