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Obesity In Indonesia Essay

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Nowadays, it seems obesity has become one of the most frequently discussed issues that occur not only to developed countries but developing countries as well. And Indonesia has become one of the victims of many. It is likely to happen because of lifestyle changes that affect physical activities and what then people consume. In order to prevent future damages, possible solutions have been proposed divided to direct and indirect solutions. Finally, it will be discussed whether those suggestions can make a difference or not for new generations to come.
For a start, obesity is a medical case where the calculations of people’s weights are over than the normal weight that is given depending on ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, urban people are mostly living sedentary lifestyles (“Jakartans Obese”, 2012). But, seeing that obesity also happen to people in rural areas, it is assumed that many people don’t have the basic knowledge of nutritious food. In any case, there are a few solutions to this matter.
The first direct solution is the need of the awareness from each and every person. When realization has come to mind then these few things can be done. There is a suggestion for people to substitute bad ingredients with healthier ones. For example, try to substitute white grains with red grains, which contains less carbohydrate (Yusuf, 2013). Then, controlling each appetite and maintaining exercise may even produce a perfect body shape. Doing sports is another way to have healthy body and soul. It is simply a hobby that helps burn calories. Surprisingly, there is a gym for children under 12 years old. It has been said not only that it helps physical development but also it is educational and fun (“Gyms”, 2011). Furthermore, providing healthy food and snacks for children can help them adjust to produce healthy habits in the future.
In addition, there’s a solution called bariatric surgery for severe obesity. To put it briefly, bariatric surgery is divided into 2 types. The first one is by reducing the stomach space and the second one is by reducing the intestines space to decrease fat or caloric absorption. Both surgeries will result to small eating portions. And those operations can improve sicknesses that are found mostly in people who are obese (“Bariatric”, n.d.).
For the indirect solutions, there are two sides including the government and the media. From the government side, it is said that there are “plans to limit salt, fat and sugar” in restaurants. They are concern in view of the expensive long-term diseases due to limited health budget. Since, that can also cause the shortage of physical activity (Sagita, 2011b). Even more, the media plays a very important part in the society. They can appeal to the nation with strong campaigns to boost healthy lifestyles to decrease obesity.
The evaluation of how potential those suggestions and solutions are, is in the end probably based on each of people’s needs, choices and experiences. Although, the daily routines that was mentioned before is...

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