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Obesity In Children And Adolescents Essay

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Did you know more than 35% of adults and 17% of children and adolescents ages 2 – 19 in the United States are considered Obese (Bucci 32). Obesity is a huge growing problem in not just the United States but everywhere that needs to be controlled. The U.S is the fattest country in the world with Mexico as a close second. Fast Food and Technology are some of the main reasons you usually think of when you think of causes of Obesity, but did you ever think that Parents and Family members have a huge part in the cause of Obesity?
Family Influence can cause obesity in children by not eating healthy. If a parent themselves are obese or if the genes run in the family than most likely the child will be as well. ‘Fat cells are not the only obesity related story out there today; Scientist found a common genetic variant that increases the risk of obesity in its carriers. Melanocortin-4 receptor or MC4F is involved in controlling appetite and metabolism. 81% of people carry at least one risky variant of either FTO or MC4R’ (Loos). So without certain watch over children and making sure that they do eat a desirable amount of food, that is also healthy, a child’s MC4F could end up making that child obese.
Now think back to when you were a child. In two different bowels there are either cookies or apples. As a child what would you have picked? Children choose the types of food they need on their own, and without guidance these choices become habits. If parents are obese than there is a high possibility that their child will be as well. Eating healthy foods may cost too much for families which is a problem.
With only so much to spend on food families will buy what will fill them up, which often are not the foods that are the healthiest (Watson 12). Sure Fast Food is cheap and fast so many think it’s the perfect place to go when running late and need a quick dinner, but going every night might cause some problems for a person’s body. But what do you think? Is fast food to blame for a child’s weight gain?
Now think to school getting out. The kids are all hungry and they want something fast to grab before they head to work, what do they grab? They go to the neighborhood fast food restaurant and grab a burger. “Pelman v. McDonalds was brought on behalf of children who consumed McDonald’s products and allegedly became obese or overweight and developed diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health issues (Mello, Rimm, Studdert). Fast Food restaurants target kids with toy promotions and happy meals. Once kids are hooked, they keep going back thinking it’s the only affordable quick-food choice (Holliday).
So if you don’t think that fast food is to blame for children’s weight gain, then what do you think about fast food restaurants, like McDonalds and Wendy’s, who use toy promotion to bring children in? Though, Fast Food is not the only competitor here, children now a day’s never just go out to play. With fast food on board and no active play...

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