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Obesity In Kuwait Causes And Effects

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The World Health Organization ranked Kuwait second in obesity, worldwide. It is not a great shock when one comes to think of the increase in the number of junk food places found around every corner. For that reason, not only are both body image and health getting affected, but a person’s self-control is too. In other words, it is hard to say no to something you want when it is right in front of you. Furthermore, the leading causes of obesity can be grouped under three headings: bad diets, unhealthy lifestyles, and unhelpful environmental factors.

The first and most common cause of obesity here in Kuwait is poor food choice. The amount of junk food that the average person is in taking is immense, and so is the amount of fast food restaurants that are literally found in every neighborhood. A large amount of Kuwaitis are not aware of the nutritional value of the food they are consuming, nor do they care about this value as much as they care about the pleasurable experience of eating delicious food; thus, obesity ratings are only getting higher. Going out for dinner every other night is the usual in Kuwait, and so it is not just the in taking of unwholesome food that is a major issue, it is also the fact that there is neither moderation nor much monitoring of the amounts being consumed.

In addition to the unhealthy eating ways, the typical Kuwaiti lifestyle is more or less the exact definition of a poor and unhealthy lifestyle; hence the numbers increasing on the scale for many. The majority of Kuwaitis incorporate little to no activity in their day-to-day life. All the excessive carbs, sugars, and fats being consumed are staying stored inside the body; thus, increasing the chances of obesity along with many other health problems. Nonetheless, hectic schedules also hugely impact people’s choices of...

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