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Obesity In The Usa Essay

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     The United States has even been called an overweight nation. About 20% to 30% of American adults are now considered obese. Even though some Americans are in the healthy category, others enter the underweight, overweight, and even obese categories. Not only is obesity unhealthy, but it is also considered unacceptable. People have been labeled and made fun of their entire lives due to obesity. For some this is an uncontrollable way of life. An example of this are shirts which say "No Fat Chicks", showing that overweight people are unacceptable and undesirable. People are made fun of, often never to regain full acceptance.

     Some people are to be blamed for their poor health status, while others blame their heredity or ethnicity. Many place the blame on more environmental sources. These might include, but are not limited to, education level and peer groups. The American Medical Association identifies genetic, environmental, and psychological influences on obesity.

     You are considered obese by the American Medical Association, if 30% of your body weight is fat. . Obesity occurs when a person has a greater calorie intake than he or she burns during that day. Dr. Mary Ferguson believes that "doctors need to encourage greater weight loss in obese patients due to the fact that obese people are twice as likely to die from such health conditions as heart disease, strokes, cancer, gallbladder disease and diabetes. Dr. Ferguson also stated that the average number of deaths a year caused by obesity is 324,940 in the USA.

     There are many different type of treatments for this disorder including: diets, medications, and in some cases, behavior modifications. It is important for these fat people to receive the treatments available to them because obesity lowers the quality of life and makes the person more socially unacceptable. As treatment options increase, obesity also becomes less acceptable. Advances in technology have increased leading to the discovery of liposuction, a medical procedure where the individual's body fat is literally vacuumed out of their body.

     Since people often socialize with people who are more similar to them. An obese person's group of friends may also be obese. Since they are obese, overeating is a natural thing to them and they may encourage the obese attitude and lifestyle. If two fat people are with each other, the chances of them over eating and not exercising regularly are like finding a needle in a haystack. The group makes each other feel better about their decisions and decide to participate themselves. Outside of this group, the group members are seen as deviant.

     People are labeled deviant due to their attitudes, behaviors, or conditions. All of these contribute to obesity. Some attitudes might obtain an acceptance within a peer group or family for obesity. Behavior for obesity shouldn't be labeled deviant because its often uncontrollable, but some obese people become obese due to...

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