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Obesity and its associated health problems are a growing risk for people in the UK. Suggest and evaluate different solutions for reducing these problem.Nowadays, many people have died from overweight and the number is rising with time. What is obesity and how to assess if a person is obese? A person will be considered obese if they are very overweight with a high degree of body fat, and the most common way is to check their body mass index (BMI), if a person's BMI amount get above 25, that means indicates obesity. Another useful method is to take a waist measurement because fat in the center of the body (apple-shaped obesity) is much more strongly linked to health risks than fat more widely distributed on the arms and legs (BBC NEWS, 2014). It is a disturbing reported that in England data from 2011 shows that 24.8% of adults (16 or over) are overweight, and 16.3% of children (2 -15) are obese (BBC NEWS, 2014). So people have to pay more attention on finding reasons, which can lead to obesity. In fact, the obesity epidemic could trigger other related diseases and a part of unnecessary cost. Obesity seems to be an increasingly widespread problem not only in UK, but also in other countries. It is important that we pinpoint the solution of this problem. This essay will suggest three main solutions that focus on lifestyle changes that will help tackle the problem.Doing more exercise or out door activities is one of the most effective methods to solve this problem. In recent years, as the technology developed, the style of individuals living has been changed, most of people are lazy. As thousands of gorgeous vehicles and a wide range of developed transportation can be provided to us, few of people would like go to school by bike or by foot. According to a reported (BBC NEWS,2014), have shown that housewives in the 1950s were significantly slimmer than women today. This could be because their daily lives involved much more physical activity, including walking more and having fewer labour-saving devices (BBC NEWS, 2014). In order to reduce the amount of people, who choose taking cars when they are going to work or school, government can carry out some Public Service Advertising, which can encourage employees and teenagers using less vehicles. However, if the Public Service Advertising be played too much time, that might lead the citizens' resentment.What is more, in modern time, most people prefer to work in the office, and they have to sit on their soft chair every day. Nevertheless, after eight hours sitting they might feel more tired than the people who are physical labors. As a result, they believe sofa is the relaxed paradise. According to a reported (Posts published by Gretchen Reynolds, WELL, 2012) that the average adult spends 50 to 70 percent of their time sitting, and those people who sat the most, had a 112 percent increase in their relative risk of developing diabetes; a 147 percent increase in their risk for cardiovascular disease; and a 49...

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1053 words - 5 pages . (2010). Parent involvement is associated with early success in obesity treatment. Clinical Pediatrics, 49(5), 457-465. doi:10.1177/0009922809337531 ‘Let's Move’ Campaign Focuses on Childhood Obesity. (2010). American School Board Journal, 197(4), 20. Reeves, S., Wake, Y., & Zick, A. (2011). Nutrition Labeling and Portion Size Information on Children's Menus in Fast-Food and Table-Service Chain Restaurants in London, UK. Journal of Nutrition

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