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The Main Causes Of Obesity Essay

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Obesity has been a problem to most of the countries. Some countries that are known to have a really high percentage of obesity are the United States, Mexico, Chile, United Kingdom, Canada and etc. The main causes of obesity are mostly of the foods they eat and laziness. Eliminating obesity will help many people around the world and will make them a lot happier. We can make our body more healthy and safe from all the risk of getting any risk to our health. There are many things that we can help prevent obesity.
The one major cause of obesity is food. There are many people eating unhealthy food like for example fast-food. Many companies make the foods pretty and so good, but when you actually go to that restaurant, the same food doesn't look like what it looked like when you saw it in a picture or on the TV. In the year 2012, there were 263,944 fast food restaurants in the United States and this makes it much more convenient for Americans to go to a fast-food restaurant. Also they make the food taste really good and so many people can't get enough of it. Majority of the unhealthy food prices is pretty cheap and healthier food are not the ideal price for most people. To lower down obesity, they should make the fast food less unhealthy and raise the price a bit more and make the healthy food price lower. They should also show kids or adults on how the food they make like for example, chicken nuggets are made from a pink slime that is a Mechanically-separated meat. This can influence the kind of food people eat because most of the time people don’t know what they are eating. They are just eating any food they see good and do not care what is inside it. People should limit the amount of food they are supposed to eat because most obese people tend to eat more than they should. Also when the fast food area tries to put healthy food like salad, it is still not always healthy because they put chemicals on them. Parents should also help out their children to eat right and healthy. They should be role models for them because children look up to you guys. When they see you not eating right the kids copies the action you do and probably will eat unhealthy and can make them obese. Parents shouldn’t use food as a reward to those who are a bit more overweight than they should be. The kind of reward they should be doing is receiving money or toys if they lose a good amount of weight. They should encourage them to eat more of the healthy food. They should eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. They shouldn't eat so many fatty foods. They should encourage their kid to go on a diet or join them on the diet so the kid wouldn't be the only one doing it. People who are overweight shouldn't overeat. They should eat the amount of food that their body needs to eat.
Another cause of obesity is laziness. Some reason that we are lazy is because technology makes our lives easier. There are many entertainments we can watch without really going somewhere. You can just...

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