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Obesity Of School Aged Children In Urban Area In China

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The literature search
The PubMed Database was used to search the topic for this policy plan combining nutritional epidemiological methods. Key search terms included: school age children* AND obesity*, school aged children* AND obesity* AND china*, urban China AND obesity* AND child*, school aged children AND risk factor AND overweight AND china*, There were258, 141 and 77 results respectively. Limits including: English, free full text available, publication date 10 years, and child: 7-13 years. In addition, articles which survey big city in china will be priority.

Obesity is chronic metabolic disease. It character is the excess body fat has accumulated in ...view middle of the document...


The audience for the policy brief plan is local level government official. Considering the large population in China, the policy is hard to implement efficiently, drastically. Another reason is the community kitchens are organized by local governments.


Reading 1- Article
Hui, L & Bell, A.C (2003). Overweight and obesity in children from Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China. Health Place.9(4):371-6. DOI:10.1016/S1353-8292(03)00049-2

This article indicates the prevalence of children obesity in Shenzhen in China. In this article, researchers use the data from the Bureau of Health and the Bureau of Education to support their study. They compare the data with other countries’. In terms of result, compare with survey from Australia, US and the United Kingdom, the prevalence of overweight and obesity of Shenzhen children is familiar. As a result, the authors and researchers figure out some reasons such as policy, social factors and lifestyles. The phenomenon in Shenzhen may represent the future in China, the authors give two suggests about how to control this issue at end of this article.

Reading 2- Article
Yi, X.Q & Yin, C.Y & Chang, M & Xiao, Y. F (2011). Prevalence and risk factors of obesity among school-aged children in Xi’an, China. Eur J Pediatr 171:389-394. DOI...

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