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Obesity Outbreak Essay

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Obesity Outbreak
“Obesity is a condition where the bodies of mammals, such as humans, have stored so much natural energy reserves that the fatty tissues are stored in and have expanded to a point where it is medically considered a significant health risk, with a possible increased rate of mortality to that body.” (Preventing) This is the definition of obesity. Being overweight is practically the same idea just in a milder version. There are two different ways for you to be able to say whether someone is underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. There is much controversy over how they should decide these conditions but the two main ways are by the Body Mass Index (BMI) or by percentage of fat in the body. If you are going by the body mass index then it is described as 19 and under is underweight, 20-29 is just right, 30-39 is overweight, and anything above that is obese. If you were to go by the percentages than it goes like this, 8% and under is underweight, 9%-19% is the ideal weight, 20%-40% is mildly overweight, 40%-100% is moderately obese, and 100% and over is morbidly obese or in other words you need to get assistance as soon as you possibly can. (Preventing) To show how bad this epidemic has become there are some unbelievable statistics which display the amount of people that it has affected. Throughout America, 54% of adults are actually overweight, which
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leading off of that is that 11% of 12-17 year olds are, and 14% of 6-11 year olds have reached the point of being known as overweight individuals. Obesity is actually the number one cause to death in some reports, in others it is smoking but obesity leads to 300,000 deaths per year.
The states with the highest amount of obese people are Mississippi with a population of 32.8% that are obese, then comes Alabama with 31.4%, then West Virginia with 31.2%, and in fourth place is Tennessee with 30.6%. On the other side of things, where the lowest amounts of obesity are in Colorado with 18.5%, Massachusetts with 20.9%, Connecticut has 21%, and Rhode Island with 21.5%. (Americans) What makes these states so different from the ones with really high rates of obesity? The answer is simply found in the diet. In the south the people eat high calorie foods, such as fried foods and food from fast food restaurants. Not saying that the people in the other states don’t do this, it is just the fact that they do not do this quite as often. America in general has the highest obesity rate and the history of America shows why. In the 1950’s people usually took in on average about 800 calories less than people did in 2000 and throughout a year people from 2000 take in about four pounds more of fish, seven pounds more of red meat, and an astounding forty-six pounds more of poultry than in the 1950’s. Another reason why the obesity rates have shot up in America is because people are deciding to eat out more and more every week. Eating out at a restaurant is actually proven to lead to...

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