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Although some people don’t think it is a problem, obesity has become the biggest health problem in America, due to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary life styles. Obesity is unhealthy for countless reasons and it can kill people. Obesity in America has become so bad that in New Jersey alone 1 out of 5 children are obese (Saavedra et.al.). Our country has become known as the country full of fat people by other countries and today’s political cartoons almost always portray America as a fat man. America as a whole needs to change the image of the nation and make the nation healthier.
Let’s look at the facts when it comes to obesity. According to Felipe Lobelo, more than 78 million ...view middle of the document...

al.). Another big contributor to obesity that isn’t as well-known as unhealthy eating is the contributor of artificial air and heating systems. Back before in home heating and cooling people used to have to use labor to get comfortable such as making a fire or finding a way to get cool in the summer. Today’s generation doesn’t need to put in effort to get comfortable and that’s making lazy people even lazier. Also obese people tend to marry other obese people making them more likely to have obese children (Saavedra et.al.). Restaurants and fast food are becoming cheaper and more readily available which gives people a reason not to cook at home. These foods are often unhealthy and people are consuming more and more of them which is making these people obese. For example a big mac costs less than the McDonald’s salad which makes the big mac more appealing to customers on a budget keep in mind a big mac has 550 calories and the salads have an average of 140 calories. There’s some evidence that certain pollutants in the air are affecting some growth hormones in certain individuals and these growth hormones are making these people obese (Saavedra et.al.). Certain medicines and drugs can also contribute to obesity. If people stop doing something they are addicted to such as smoking or drinking or illegal narcotics, the withdraw can make people obese. Older women who get pregnant gain weight faster and are more likely to keep the weight on after birth which can make someone who isn’t obese, obese after having a child. College students tend to gain weight because some college students are sleep deprived and sleep deprivation can cause obesity (Wimalawansa).
Obese people tend to face a lot of problems. They have limited mobility because of obesity and it’s harder for them to get around. They may have a high risk of heart disease because obese individuals over work their heart. Type two diabetes is another risk factor for obese people, in fact most people who are obese or were obese at one time have some form of diabetes but type two is the most common among obese individuals (Saavedra et.al.). Also if two obese parents have a child their child could be doomed from the start and be born with a pre-existing case or they are more likely to get diabetes. Obese people of any age have a high risk of getting cancer. Obese people have a high risk of getting cardiovascular disease as well. High blood pressure also comes along with obesity (Saavedra et.al.). There are just so many things obese people are at high risk of getting the list is almost endless but some other high risk problems that obese people face are the following, sleep apnea, gallstone, stroke, abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, hyper tension, dyslipidemia, gallbladder disease, reproductive problems, obesity hypertension syndrome, and so on (Aballay).
Besides things that might happen to obese people or what they are at high risk of getting there are a...

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