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Obesity, The Effects Of A Fast Food Diet

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Today more than two thirds of Americans are overweight and obesity is on the rise. The United States is rated the #1 sickest country in the world with the highest number of obese people. While some of the causes of obesity being poor quality fast food; most people don’t seem to care and will eat it daily. The fast food industry is thriving because they know what people want; quick, convenient low cost food that tastes good. Although this saves Americans time and money now it can cause folks lots of money down the road with high medical bills and even shed years off their lives.
As we go about our busy days most Americans probably give little thought about how the environment we live could cause us to be fat. Stress from the job, money issues, little sleep, and lack of physical exercise can all be contributing causes in being overweight. Often times stress can lead to emotional or compulsive eating. We have become influenced by millions of billboard
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Advertisements, commercials, and other people in our daily lives. Sometimes the very environment we are in will cause us to eat even if we are not hungry. Environmental influence is huge, take for example a restaurant or bar that advertises half price drinks on Tuesdays, or buy 1 get one free on Wednesdays while one may have just ordered one meal or one drink now we have doubled the portion and calories. The physical effects of overindulging with food on our bodies includes high blood sugar, mood swings, abdominal pain, feeling tired and regretful. This can easily turn into a vicious cycle commonly referred to as a food addiction with devastating side effects.
Studies show that people who are obese struggle with social acceptance, low self-esteem, and depression. They don’t fit into the standard size chair, pay higher prices to travel by plane, and are often stared at in public. This can cause some to isolate them from society which in turn would only increase depression and other related health problems as well as decrease physical activity.
I recently read an article from Dr. Oz’s website about a morbidly obese women who hated the feeling of being...

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