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Obesity: The Health Epidemic Essay

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Sleep loss is not a major cause, but it still counts. “Sleep loss itself leads people to expend more energy because the body needs more to keep itself awake.” Keeping one’s body awake longer than they should is very harmful, in more ways than one. When you are awake, you feel obligated to satisfy your needs of hunger or thirst. With all that excess food and / or drink and one not burning it off actually turns to fat faster than normal, which causes weight gain. In a study Kenneth Wright did, he says “On top of that, when people weren’t obtaining enough sleep they ate smaller breakfasts because their bodies thought they were still supposed to be sleeping” (“Koebler”). Breakfast, despite ...view middle of the document...

” Did your parents ever tell you as a kid to get a good night’s sleep? Well they were right in more ways than one. The more sleep one gets, the better they will feel about the day ahead and they’ll make better choices throughout the day. “Dr. Donald Hensrud, a nutritionist and preventative medicine expert in the department of endocrinology, diabetes, metabolism and nutrition at the Mayo clinic, said one of the most immediate health dangers for many obese people is sleep apnea” (“Neporent”). Sleep apnea is a condition in which someone gasps or stops breathing for a moment while sleeping.
“Sleep apnea can be caused by increased fat around the neck area that presses down and closes off the soft tissues or the airways while a person is lying down, especially on their back.” Hensrud said, “This means the person does not get a good quality sleep, has less oxygen in the blood stream, and the heart has to work harder” (“Neporent”). Making the heart work harder when it is trying to rest from a long day is not good. Sleep apnea is treatable with the right solutions, such as more exercise, healthy dieting, and more. Sleep apnea is not the only reason people tend to get less sleep. As a teenager, one has had a lot of things that might be keeping them up. Studying for a test, finishing homework, on weekends you might party or stay up all night with friends and what teenager has not done this at least once in their teen years. What one probably does not realize is by doing all these things, one is putting themself at...

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