Obesity The New Normal Essay

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Obesity the New Normal
Come join in the party of obesity, sounds bad, but everyone is doing it! The wide known saying “you are what you eat” stands true, one that consumes burgers, fries, pizza, and chips on a daily basis are those foods. In addition, individuals that eat unhealthy foods tend to be obese. In fact, fast food restaurants, a lack of exercise and medications give a major increase to this trend.
Obesity is on the rise and the main contribution to this situation is fast food restaurants. Being able to receive food in less than five minutes sounds amazing, but the consequence seems to outweigh the advantage. The fast food chain has a major impact on children health, in addition ...view middle of the document...

Once, an individual continues to eat large portions and gain weight obesity then follows.
Equally important, the lack of exercise plays a significant factor on the increase of obesity. In the twenty-first century technology is in most individuals’ lives, some people say they cannot live without their phones, videogames, laptops, and television. As a consequence, individuals spend most of their time on technology rather than on their health and exercise. “Research, as well as the mass media, generally endorses the idea that electronic gaming inhibits academic potential and encourages a sedentary lifestyle that may lead to obesity” (Relationships Between Electronic Game Play 241-242). When an individual sits for hours upon hours playing a video game or watching television they are indeed going to consume food, most likely an unhealthy choice, which then their body will store that excess fat and sugar because that individual is not exercising for the body to properly use up the excess waste. Obesity shall result from someone not being active physically in their lifestyle.
For one thing, obesity can sometimes be out of our control. In which,obesity can occur in a healthy individual...

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