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Obituary For Oskar Schindler Essay

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Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German. Born on April 28, 1908 in Zwittau, Austria-Hungary what is now known as Moravia in the Czech Republic, he married at the age of nineteen. Schindler grew up with all the privileges that money could possibly buy. He never missed an opportunity to make money. His connections that he found through bribing people at parties helped him obtain a factory which he ran with the cheapest labour around, the Jewish. Oskar was a heavy drinker and had the soul of a gambler which was to win big but might end up losing bigger. He succeeded in his mission for the rich, but by the end of the war he had spent all that he made on keeping 1,300 Jewish men and women alive by providing them jobs in the factory using false reports, bribery and lies. Later, when the removal of Jews to death camps begun, Schindler's accountant put him in contact with the remaining Jews who had wealth to invest in his factory. In return they would be able to work there and be out of danger. Oskar would persuade to hire more Jewish workers claiming their skills as "essential" and by paying off the Nazis so that they would allow them to stay in Krakow (this was a brave action taken by Schindler). He made another good achievement because as he was making money, the people in his factory were fed and no one was beaten or killed. As the holocaust began, Schindler's protection for the Jewish workers became increasingly lively. In 1942, he had witnessed a German attack on the Jewish ghetto. As he stood and...

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1298 words - 5 pages accident of paternity." Oskar's relationship with Emilie is also described in detail as is their marriage. The heart of the novel begins in October 1939 when Oskar Schindler comes to the Polish city of Cracow. It has been six weeks since the German's took the city, and Schindler sees great opportunity as any entrepreneur would. For Schindler, Cracow represents a place of unlimited possibilities because of the current economic disorder and cheap

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1109 words - 5 pages “I am a Schindler Jew,” a proud phrase that left the mouths of more than twelve hundred people. A Schindler Jew felt safe under the sheets of protection that Oskar Schindler laid over them. Schindler held many identities; a cheating husband, a member of the Nazi party, or a man who saved lives. Schindler was a money-hungry businessman, seeking for wealth for no reasonable purpose other than profits. After he witnessed the barbarous massacre of

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708 words - 3 pages , and gave little thought to what (or whose) expense he had gained it. In the height of the war, Oskar Schindler recognized that he could use his power and prestige to do more good by saving people’s lives rather than just by making money. As the persecution of the Jews increased, Schindler felt compelled to save lives by hiring the Jewish people to work for him in his factory. If a Jewish person was not considered skilled or useful, they

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637 words - 3 pages The Holocaust was a very devastating and crucial time for the Jews. By the end of the holocaust, six million Jews were dead (Wisoder). They were either burned alive, hanged, or starved to death. The Germans felt that the Jews could not live up to their standards because of their religion and race. On the other hand, Oskar Schindler made a significant impact on the lives of the Jews. Oskar Schindler, a German, was born in Zwittaw, Austria

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585 words - 2 pages accountant named Itzhak Stern. Though Stern is suspicious of Schindler, he sees that perhaps Oskar could serve as a buffer against the other Nazi soldiers. Soon after this encounter Schindler opens his factory, Emalia. In this shop mess kits were created for the German army. Oskar uses Jews to get free labor, but in turn provides them with protection and security. Through the years he manages to keep this good treatment secret, despite two

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549 words - 2 pages makes Stern his accountant and manager. The two men form a strange relationship, with Oskar taking advantage of Sterns talent, and Stern distrustingly but obediently following Schindlers orders. Schindler goes to the Jewish ghetto to get the rich Jewish people to invest into his factory, and to get the poor Jews to work for him, since they can provide him with cheap labor. By way of the black market, Schindler obtains numerous delicacies such as

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1031 words - 4 pages Truly Hero If a hero is someone who risks their life for others, then Oskar Schindler is a truly a hero. He was a man of great integrity, virtue and valor during World War II and throughout his life. I've tried to express what kind of a life and person Oskar Schindler was, and I ask you to evaluate yourself and decide if you could take the kind of risks Oskar Schindler did. As you learn about a man full of flaws just like the rest of us

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1349 words - 5 pages have a second chance which gives them a sense of hope in times of hardship. When Schindler was helping out Jews, Germany was taken over by Hitler’s Nazis. In times of hardship, some people stand up for the people in need and protect and help them. Oskar Schindler, a rich factory owner, risks his life and spends his personal fortune to save Jews listed as his workers during World War 2. Oskar Schindler risks everything to help the Jews escape

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1293 words - 5 pages arrived in Krakow daily. They were moved from their homes to the "Ghetto", a walled sixteen square block area, which they were only allowed to leave to go to work. Oskar Schindler met Itzhak Stern at the Judenrat building, the Judenrat was a Jewish council consisting of twenty-four elected Jews personally responsible for: work details, food, housing assignments and taking complaints, this is where the story really begins. Schindler had Stern

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1144 words - 5 pages Schindler. Oskar is a hero to over 6,000 Jews currently living across the United States and Europe. Schindler was an normal man with an unreal power that he used to save 1200 human lives during the Holocaust of World War II. What was his motivation for saving so many Jews? More importantly why is Schindler considered one of the greatest heroes of this century? Oskar Schindler was born on April 28, 1908 in Zwitlau, which

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1154 words - 5 pages arranged for him to be buried on Mt.Zion in Israel. The State of Israel recognized him as one of the “Righteous Among the Nations” (a non-Jew who helped save Jewish lives during the Holocaust). In 1993 Stephen Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” Helped shine light on the heroic actions of Schindler during the Holocaust. Oskar Schindler, who worked within the Nazi Party, was one of the lights that shinned the brightest. People ask the question “Why did

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1378 words - 6 pages died in 1974. He was 66 years old when he died and he died in Argentina which he immigrated into in 1949 (9, 3). Next is about which side he was on before, beginning, and a little after the beginning. Before the Holocaust started Oskar Schindler had sided with neither the Nazi nor the Jewish people. In the beginning of the Holocaust Oskar Schindler he decided to side with the Nazis. At first Oskar worked with the Nazis because he got workers for

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1144 words - 5 pages Oskar Schindler was a hero in World War II. He endured many conflicts. The main battle he faced was during World War II. During World War II, Oskar Schindler was a German businessman who saved Jews in Poland and Czechoslovakia from death by employing them in his factory (“Oskar Schindler” 362). World War II began on September 1, 1939 (Colby 546). The War lasted for six years between the Axis powers, Germany, Italy, Japan, and

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1170 words - 5 pages It’s September 1939 in Nazi-occupied Poland. Hitler and his followers look stronger than ever following their recent invasions. The horrifying, discriminative ideas of Hitler have now spread like wildfire throughout the center of Europe, leaving anyone who is of the Jewish faith in fear. Unprotected and petrified, the Jewish people have been left for dead until one single decides to stand up. This man’s name is Oskar Schindler and he is

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1279 words - 5 pages heart of the novel begins in October 1939 when Oskar Schindler comes to the Polish city of Cracow. It has been six weeks since the German's took the city, and Schindler sees great opportunity as any entrepreneur would. For Schindler, Cracow represents a place of unlimited possibilities because of the current economic disorder and cheap labor. Upon his arrival in Cracow he meets Itzak Stern, a Jewish bookkeeper. Schindler is very impressed with