Objectification Of Women By The Media

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Objectification of Women by the Media

     The objectification of women is commonly used to refer to the presentation of women in the media as an object. Women's bodies are routinely used as objects to sell various products. In certain pictures women are presented as being vulnerable and easily overpowered especially in ads were they have on revealing clothing and take on submissive roles. These images are found in music videos as well, where the focus is only a particular body part. Lyrics to some songs promote this objectification as well.

  "In many magazine advertisements women are often viewed as objects rather than human beings. Instead of focusing on the woman as a whole, many ads will just focus on one part of her body" (Objectification of Women).Often the focus is on a leg, a neck, a headless torso, etc. One Guess Eyewear ad has a man's head resting on a woman's torso. While her breasts are visible, her head is not. Skyy Vodka continually uses women's legs in their advertisements. One ad for Lily of France which spans the bottom of two pages not only focuses on a headless torso, but compares the breasts to speakers. Women's bodies are used as desirable objects to attract attention to the product. This is occurring in increasingly ridiculous ways. An ad for Visa found in several teen magazines shows only a woman's stomach. A naked woman with her face tucked away holds a Palm Pilot. The text reads, "Simply Palm". About-Face (an organization which combats negative and distorted images of women) features commentary on that particular ad. "Simply gratuitous use of naked female body to sell high-end electronic gizmo to gullible (mostly male) public.  Esquire magazine featured on its Febuary 2001 cover, a naked Italian actress covered in cavier.  The featured photo spread included one of her covered in honey as well. In one extremely disturbing photograph from Esquire, several (what appear to be) Barbie dolls with broken limbs litter the landscape. Closer inspection, however, reveals them to be women. A male figure in the background is throwing one over his shoulder while he holds another in his hand. The central female has her head severed with her body lying behind it. The title of the article the picture acompanies is "46 Women Who Were Not My Wife" which focuses on the author's various affairs. This is the image of intimate sexual relationships? The picture vividly illustrates that those involved are merely objects for the man's sexual pleasure.


 Music lyrics and videos continually objectify women. Dr. Dre and friends spray champagne on women in Next Episode. In Maxwell's video Let's Not Play the Game, Maxwell pauses on women's body parts. In DMX's No Love For Me, footage is shot looking up women's skirts. Sugar Ray's Fly video features several shots of various parts of female dancers' bodies. "In a raft of Rock and Hip Hop videos, women get turned into pieces of booty served up for the pleasure of powerful men...."...

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