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The theory that Jean Kazez explains is that in order for a life to be good it must meet fundamental requirements, which people cannot live without. Kazez explains that in order to have attained a good life in view of her theory, the life must be concerned with, freedom/autonomy, moral goodness, an upward trend in regards to progress, and happiness through a persons actions. Each of these fundamental ideals put together composes Kazez’s proposed Objective List theory. Freedom and Autonomy make the list, because at the heart of any individual there is an identity, unique from others, which in order to be properly expressed needs to maintain these fundamentals.
With Freedom, people no matter the prejudices being placed upon them, cannot be repressed into believing that they are of a lesser value than other individuals. Autonomy plays into achieving this goal in practice, where the individual has the ability to make decisions based on the precepts that they subscribe to, allowing a truly free life. Kazez brings up Galileo who sent his daughters to a religious order, where they were confined to life within a convent, the argument is that without people being allowed to realize life for themselves, they can be subjected to a life that an individual might not want, having not made the decision for themselves. Moral Goodness is key to the good life, because it ensures that people have a sense of right and wrong at the core of their being. When people are in the process of identifying with certain situations and deciphering them as being the right or wrong thing to do, they are able to get a grasp on the concept through empathic understanding. The ability for individuals to put their lives in perspective and have a moral compass that guides them towards living a better life is a key part of Kazez’s list. The upward trend ideal is meant to add the constraint that a life that starts at a low-point and ends on a high-note, is more valuable than one that proceeds in the opposite direction, high to low. This counteracts the hedonist claim that the net pleasure in ones life determines how good it is, rather Kazez claims that it’s the journey towards achieving a good life, and attaining it that makes a life that much better for the individual. Just as the shape of one’s life matters, the events that make it up, also makes a difference, a life filled with Happiness is therefore much better than one that is made of sad situations. The key to true happiness however, is happiness that is a result of a worthwhile pursuit, Kazez claims that a life made up mostly of worthwhile happiness, is one that is on a trajectory to achieve the good life.
Though Kazez’s list does contain many fundamentally good and achievable ideals, an objection that could be taken to her claims, are that these fundamental goods that she lists are not the only goods that can be taken into account, as there are many other intrinsic goods other than those Kazez lists. For example, Heathwood...

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