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Objections To And Advantages O Essay

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Introduction In my essay I will discuss the objections to and advantages of NATO-membership for Central and Eastern European countries. First, I will give you a short historical profile of the post cold-war era.In 1990 the Cold War officially ended. The two military alliances: NATO and the Warsaw Pact signed a treaty that stated they were no longer each others enemies and that they will advocate peace and stability in Europe and the world.One year later, the Warsaw Pact collapsed. This left a 'vacuum', east of the NATO border. The natural reaction in the East was to ask for admission to NATO. Admission from Eastern European countries to NATO however brings many difficulties. NATO does not want to upset Russia, by expanding NATO to her former borders and eventually cannot prevent the admission of these countries to the Atlantic Alliance.Not all Eastern European countries are at the same level of economic, military and democratic development. The four countries expected to join NATO first are: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.A good relationship with Russia is essential for the NATO countries. Russia does not see NATO as its potential adversary, but Russia is looking for a new role: keeping the status quo or returning to a system of 'spheres of influence'.Germany, after unification, plays an important role in Central and Eastern Europe. Germany's foreign policy towards these countries ('Ostpolitik') is discussed in chapter 5.In the end, I will give a personal conclusion on the next thesis, which will be the guideline to this essay.Yes, NATO should allow Central and Eastern European states to become NATO-members. Contents Ch. Title page Source 0. Introduction 1. Practical Objections to admission Eastern European countries 2. The Visegrad Four (Cz, Svk, H, Pl) 3. Russia's discontent to admission Eastern European countries 4. The Partnership for Peace, the NACC and the CSCE 5. Germany's post-unification foreign policy 6. Conclusion Chapter 1: Practical Objections to Opening of doors for E European countries Within the Western NATO countries there is not only fear of Russian reprisal (when allowing the countries to join NATO), there are also some practical objections.A new member will be required to offer guarantees, including armed forces capable of integrating into NATO, compatible communication equipment and an agreed obligation to help any other member under military attack.At this time, the Eastern European countries are only in the early stage of restructuring their forces aimed at forming Rapid Reaction Units (RRF). Some cannot defend their own territory. For good communication within NATO, the...

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