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Goal To Be Debt Free Essay

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Fresh out of high school, my parents afforded me the opportunity to get a college education. Unfortunately I did not apply myself. I was not focused due to my immaturity and lack of wisdom. Today I am much older and wiser with 27 wonderful years of marriage, two beautiful daughters and 21 years of military service (Army retired), I have decided to go back and get that college education. I knew financially we couldn’t afford for me to go back to school because our oldest daughter was graduating this year from college to include our youngest daughter who would be graduating from high school and pursing college too. I found out that the Veterans Administration had a new education bill called the 911 Montgomery GI Bill that I qualified for to further my education.
Before I retired in 2002 from the Army, I achieved my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSC) certification. I was blessed to retire from the military and get a Human Resource Manager position at Fort Lee, VA. I was hired later as a System Administrator (contractor) in the Information Technology field at Fort Lee. I have continued to work in the Information Technology field since my retirement. I chose CTU based on the high recommendations that came from colleagues and friends. CTU made it very easy to apply and get enrolled. I will be working on my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Networking). I am very excited to be starting this new chapter in my life with the hopes of using my education to better myself in the IT field.
I do have mixed emotions about going back to college and getting my degree. I am nervous but excited. I see great things for my family and me once I graduate. I feel that I will stand out more when I apply for the government Information Technology positions that come available on Fort Lee. I believe with my work experience and my degree that I will be more marketable in the job market. I can see myself in five years having a government Information Technology job as a supervisor of six employees along with pursuing web design through Colorado Technical University. I would also work towards starting my own web design business. My family will have also prospered through this journey. Both daughters will have graduated from college, the oldest married and twins on the way and the youngest working as a Marine Biologist. None of this came easy but well worth the hard work that was put forth to get here. My family and friends have been a huge support system for me. They were always encouraging me to stay focus and not to give up. I am sad that my father could not be a part of this but joyful that my mother was here to watch me get my degree. I believe that all of this is possible and it could happen in the next five years. I know I will need to work on my self confidence; to believe in myself and get my degree. I also know that it is ok to ask for help and to stop trying to be in charge of everything.
My goal is to...

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