Obligation Ethics And Ethical Behavior

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I have high regards for ethics and ethical behavior. With this being the case, it was not unusual that the results of the ethics inventory described my ethical perspective as obligatory. I honestly feel that I have a moral obligation to do what is right in every aspect of life, whether it be business or professional. I have learned however, that in business, ethics can more times than not take a back seat to adding numbers to the bottom line. Because this is the way most businesses think, I made a conscious decision to always include ethics in my personal and professional decision-making process. I tend to value other people's feelings, and for some perverse reason think that others should do the same.Having an obligation to not only do what is right in my business life as well as my professional life is important to me for various reasons. During my tenor at one of the largest pediatric hospitals in America, I came to the distinct determination that ethics and healthcare go hand in hand. In order to become successful and remain successful, some level of integrity has to be maintained. In order for me to actually help these desperate families in need, I first had to allow myself to connect with them. In so, by doing this, assessing their financial capabilities is made easier. I will however, be the first to admit that at the end of the day, it gets hard to look at myself in the mirror when I have to decline families. Although, I do realize that the disease cancer has no target, and for some reason, children are not immune, it is a costly disease to cure. Being a financial counselor for the hospital means that I have an obligation to the hospital that entails me to do the job I was hired to do. At times, I am torn between the families and the hospital and I know that it just the compassion I have, this causes ethical dilemmas.Attending the...

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