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Developing nations around the world struggle to pull themselves out of the situations they live in. Many civilians live by the motto of “pull yourselves up by your bootstrap.” However, those who do not have the resources need the assistance of other nations to reach a level of sustainability; if we as richer nations have the resources and ability to aid them, we must. Various philosophers and ethicists establish moral theories. Each theory can be considered as the perfect moral concept; some are even combined for additional strength. For instance, Rachels came up with Multiple Strategies theory in hopes of taking the best ideals from several theories to create the epitome of moral ...view middle of the document...

Hardin concentrates on the disastrous affects assisting the poor will have on the richer nations. Hardin firmly disagrees with the concept that the Earth is a spaceship, considering it to be a sea dotted with lifeboats. This analogy depicts the distribution of wealth in the 20th century. Richer nations hold more of the wealth while the developing nations are drowning in debts. As stated before, people feel more inclined to help themselves, but that does not mean they cannot help others as well. Hardin believes aiding the poorer nations is a short-term fix that does not teach these nations how to reach their own self-sufficiency. However, he does not take into account the affects richer nations have on the developing nations, as well as how connected we truly are as a world.
On the other hand, Singer approaches the discussion with the belief majority of individuals do not agree with the idea of death from lack of food, shelter and medicine. He pulls his readers heartstrings immediately while introducing the concept of abandoning luxuries and donating more if you are able to. Singer extreme approach of donation, called marginal utility, requires those providing aid to give until they are suffering from the same conditions as those receiving the aid. Singer’s extremist ideals may push individuals from the notion of providing aid.
Developing nations are helpless victims to the strength of the richer nations. Hardin believes our economy will plummet if we allow ourselves to assist. He also fails to realize that the economies of the world are interconnected. Developing nation import goods and materials from other nations because of their lack in resources to sustain themselves; contrary to many beliefs, great nations rely heavily on developing nations. We import many of the lasting goods developing nations have available. Our nations also have a history for exploiting countries like Niger for their abundance in minerals. Adding to the horror, rich...

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