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Oblivion Book Review

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The prolonged wait for the release of the final book in the phenomenal Power of Five series – Oblivion was tedious but definitely worth. This was a fabulously gripping and enticing book. From the chilling and mysterious events of Raven’s Gate onwards, each book was in stiff competition with its predecessors. According to me, the series peaked with Oblivion, the taut, fiery and breathless narrating; the menacing, dark atmosphere; and the almost unbearable, nail-biting tension were breathtaking. The reader was spread across a number of viewpoints: a unique writing technique which worked well in the context of the book. The switching points of view never allow the story to lose its pace. Right ...view middle of the document...

As if that isn't bad enough, the fabric of time itself has been torn and the gatekeepers find themselves ten years ahead in time in a shockingly different, destroyed world…
Devastating nuclear bombs have been dropped on London, presumably by terrorists or extremists, leaving the country in total chaos, with radiation hazards, the danger of buildings collapsing, and the huge threat posed by the Old Ones, who take over England, in search of Jamie, one of the five Gatekeepers. A huge flood in Brazil causes disaster. Mount Vesuvius erupts in Italy with more power than all volcanoes combined, lava eating up the cities and flaming fireballs taking out chunks of the ground, causing hundreds of thousand people to die. In Egypt, a war is raging, with bombs and mines, severe human losses and many sandstorms every day. The world is taken over by the Old Ones, who are slowly destroying the world and taking it over.
To stop Chaos, the leader of the Old Ones, the five must travel to Antarctica and...

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