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Observer:Valmire Korqaj



Teacher:Miranda Agaj

The class that I observed was also seventh class in Public school “Deshmoret e Kombit” with the same teacher Miranda Agaj. In this class were 30 pupils,eighteen boys and twelve girls. As always before the lesson started I talked with the teacher about what she was going to teach that day. The lesson started at 8.20am.When we entered in the class all pupils greeted us and they saw me they just looking and talked with each other who is this girl. At the first the teacher wrote in the diary the lesson plan,she asked if someone missed,but all the pupils were present. Than she started to ask pupils how they are,and also she introduced me with them. Also I presented myself and I told them that for a month I am going to be in school in English class. Than I went and set down at the back of class when is the best place to observe pupils and teacher.
-The teacher started the lesson by asking pupils for the last lesson that it was called Mr.Belegu. It seemed that only some pupils read the lesson and raised their hands to talk about this lesson. Whereas others they just were watching. But I like the way how teacher interacted pupils who did not raise their hands and try to remember what teacher said last lesson about Mr.Belegu. So some pupils did not raise their hand but when teacher approached them they started to talk with the help of teacher when they did not how to say something in English the teacher told them. But some of them seemed they they did not know anything about the lesson. So teacher continued with others and they explained the last lesson by answering the question that teacher made. After this the teacher said them for ten minutes to write about their favourite movie. During this time some pupils wrote in their notebooks and some of them just talked maybe they did not have idea for what to write or they were not interested...

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