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Observation Essay

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Observation As I sit near a flowerbed in Buchtel Commons, almost directly across from the Bierce Library, the gloomy dismal day seems to evaporate by the plethora of shiny, smiling faces of the many students walking by. As I sit down, two Christian activists preach aloud, holding signs reading, "You are born a worthless sinner, headed for hell" and "He who loves his life shall lose it." Two little boys, handing out pamphlets that explain their purpose for being there, accompany both women preachers. The older of the two women is wearing a black jacket, light-colored jeans; her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. The other woman has dyed blond hair, a plain green shirt, and dark blue jeans. When they move and walk around, I move with them, following them until they meet up with each other. When the two women begin talking to each other, a group of guys (four black and two white) storm up to them because, when they were walking by, the older of the two ladies tells them they are going to hell. "How you gonna tell me I'm goin' to hell? I've been saved. Man, what you talkin' is nonsense," one of the black guys yells at the pitiful looking white woman. Words then become mixed up and undecipherable as she tries to justify her beliefs and simultaneously the other five guys are yelling and screaming at her. The groups of guys soon become tired of her and leave just as fast as they appeared. The woman, acting as if nothing had ever happened, goes back to her preaching, and in a broken voice yells, "Jesus is not religion. He doesn't love you. He doesn't care for you. All Jesus wants you to do is to correct all of the sins you have been born with; the sins that you inherited from your parents." She breaks from her yelling to take a drink of bottled water and then states, "Just because you go to church doesn't mean you know God or Jesus. Nor does it mean that they love you. Going to church also doesn't make you a Christian or being saved doesn't wash away all of your inherited sins." She stops yelling and talks to the little boy who is accompanying her. They walk over to a sign set up in the middle of the commons that reads, "Seek out Jesus, Not a "˜Church' to find true salvation." I watch for another minute, and it does not take long for their next victim to come along. Their victim is a black man in a motorized wheel chair. I get a little closer (thinking it might be interesting) to hear what they have to say to him. The younger of the two women asks him, "Do you go to church?" He then lifts up his left arm and tries to flick the woman off as he continues along his bumpy journey along the uneven brick pathway. The younger woman appears to be unaffected by this and walks right back into my line of sight, as a mixed girl, dressed in a red windbreaker jacket, blue jeans, and pulled back hair, walks right up to the older preacher and...

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