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Observation Of A Hallway Essay

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The building labeled B appears to be the main building for courses at Local Community College. Students walk in and out of the building all day and stop only to enter a classroom or buy food from the vending machines which fill one corner of the building’s long hallway. Often, students sit on the chairs that line the walls while waiting for a class to start, but for now the hallway is nearly empty and waiting for the ambush of students.

Outside the classroom, a number plaque reading one-hundred and seventy is sitting on the wall framed in blue. Another door nearby opens and the wind rustles the papers of the notebook that sits on a chair. Three people stroll casually out of the room and walk on the one foot by one foot multi-colored tiles that line up symmetrically perfect across the hallway. The doors opening and closing echo throughout the long hallway and reverberate through the walls that line it. A student sprints swiftly by as if running late for a class. Another student wears on her face a small smile. She tosses her long blonde curly hair, and stops by the vending machine where she pauses to touch her thin fair face to decide what to buy due to the large amount of choices. She pulls out a new crisp one dollar bill and inserts it in the machine.

The hallway itself is long and extends in a straight line. The walls are painted a light grayish blue and the edges are lined by a molding the color of sand. Across from a classroom door, a fire extinguisher rests in its case concealed by dark glass. A young man also sits across from the door. He has dark hair about two inches long, and has it styled in casual disarray. His facial features are well formed, having a strong line about his jaw and...

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