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Observation Paper #2

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I went to the Ann Arbor Public Schools board meeting on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. This meeting took place at the Ann Arbor District Library, on the 4th floor of the Downtown Branch. Around 30 to 40 people were attending this meeting that went there by choice.

The first public speaker was a thin, tall looking gentleman in his early to mid forties, his name was Harvey Summers. He really didn't discuss anything, he only spoke for about a minute at max. The lone thing that he said was that he was happy and thankful that the voters said yes to the Ann Arbor Public Schools sinking fund. He also said that it had passed with 80% of the voters saying yes. I saw no reason as to why this man came up and to speak about this. In my point of view, it just sounded like he wanted everyone to know that he was happy about the sinking fund for the schools being passed.

The second public speaker seemed to be in her late thirties or early forties. The topic she talked about was the pedestrian safety laws. On how the state should send out a certain amount of people for nine months to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the road; like they had three or four years ago, have them report back on things such as, did people stop to let a person cross the crosswalk? Or was is safe to go when the person started to cross the road? In Ann Arbor, the crosswalk rules are not the same as everywhere else. The crosswalk rules in Ann Arbor say that if a person is standing and waiting to cross the road you must stop and let them cross the road, even if the light is green. In my view I say that we should change this rule, because does Ann Arbor really expect you to only drive in the city, if you live in the city, or if you drive in the city everyday, because that is what the rule is basically telling people. What I see in this rule is a huge flaw and weird rule, yes I see what they are trying to do. They are trying to clear the sidewalks, but at the same time they (the city of Ann Arbor) are costing people a ton of money, that some of them may not be able to afford. They are also wasting peoples money, unless they have a hybrid car, electric car or a car that turns the engine off when you are stopped, you are just having them waste gas, thus producing a lot of unnecessary carbon dioxide, and burning huge amounts of money by their car just sitting there waiting for people to cross the road. It's different at a stop light because, the light says you half to stop. Essentially the rule in Ann Arbor, is pretty...

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