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Observation Plan Essay

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Through the last two weeks I noticed some behavioral changes in my first grade class; to be more specific I noticed increased rate of violence, increased rate of conflicts, increased rate of complains from two students, increased rate of bulling and increased rate of crying and screaming.
So, I decided to schedule a set of observations for the whole class and other specific observations for the 2 students from which I received most of the complains to go deeper in to details and know the reason behind these symptoms to be able to solve the situation, as one of my roles is to maintain the emotional health of the students and create an emotionally balanced environment to go through learning process smoothly.
I noticed that most of these behaviors are during recess time or PE session so I decided to attend all the recesses and the PE sessions to observe the two students. Mean while we will be observing the whole class.
I have a relativity small class with almost balanced ratio of girls and boys as I have 9 students (5 girls and 4 boys) with narrow age range 6-7 years old .They are all Egyptians with no special needs students in class.
As I mentioned before I will observe the students in both the recess and PE sessions. Both take place in the play ground; it is divided into three areas: green area, shaded area and sand pit. Play ground description as follows:
Green area: It is a trapezoid area surrounded by low height plastic fence from three sides and a wooden higher fence on the smallest side. At the middle of the longest side there is a gate leads to a walk path leading to the stairs, sand pit and shaded area. Regarding Furniture we have a picnic table and two sets of playing areas each has a small house, two swings, a slide and basket ball net on the side.
Sand Pit: Rectangular area with two sensory tables, sets of sand toys, small pots and some plastic bottles.
Shaded area: Its shape is rectangular covered with wooden pergola.
PE tools: Plastic cones- Hula hoops - small plastic balls- football – basket ball – volley ball.
In order to collect enough reliable data to serve my goals I should carefully choose my tools in the observation. Consequently I will make a combination between more than one tool: Time sampling, Running records, learning center log and Child development checklist.
I will start for one week with “time sampling” just to make sure of the objectivity of my conclusion that these behaviors repeat mostly during the recess time and PE sessions. I will use event recording frequency using tally marks with time interval 45 minutes which is the duration of each session.
In order to get rich, complete and comprehensive record about specific student I will use “Running records” a detailed narrative that will help me to record students behavior in a sequential manner as it happens and it will help me to record all the behaviors not just selected incidents to collect as much information as I can from the recess and the PE sessions. Although...

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