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This Case was about a young teenager around the age of 16, and how throwing a party without her parents’ permission or adult supervision had changed her life. There were many times during the trial where Joe Wilson looked guilty, and at times even the opposite. The Defence had done a great job at protecting their client Joe Wilson; they used key aspects of the case and mentioned significant points that made Mike Bourke look guilty. Bourke had notified the teenagers to turn off the music, instead of turning it down. This resulted as the teenagers responding in anger since they were all having such a good time. Mike was a taxi driver therefore he was most probably well aware of how teenagers react to certain things, therefore Mike should have known better than too go and pound at the door of this party and tell those individuals to turn their music off, instead he could have simply just called the police and informed them of the noise pollution that was taking place and how it was disrupting not only his sleep but his neighbours as well. This way the police would have to deal with the teenagers and the matter could have been solved then and there, instead of it growing and resulting it to become such a serious matter where Mike’s life could have been lost because of his own stupidity. Lastly Mike had threatened Joe to not only kick her but her entire family out of the apartment, which was completely unacceptable. This had made Joe extremely upset as she loved her family and tolerated no one to speak against them. Mike’s threat would have made any ordinary person furious, and he should have acknowledged better than to go to someone else’s property and intimidate them about something or someone that they are emotionally attached to. These were some of the many points that worked in favour of the defence.

There are always two ways of looking at a case and in each trial there is a Crown and a Defence. In this trial the Crown had done an outstanding job at using the evidence against Joe Wilson and putting it out for the jury too observe. Joe had made several mistakes during her party which made all fingers point at her when concluding who was guilty. Joe was under the influence of alcohol at her party, knowing that she was underage and that was illegal, due to the fact that Joe was drunk she could had done anything during that time period that she did not intentionally mean to do but since she was drunk she had committed, she was also aware that people whom she did not know were at her party, and instead of politely asking them too leave she decided too let them stay, this would make anyone believe that Joe Wilson was an irresponsible teen, who let illegal activity occur at her residence with full caution. Another point that made Joe seem guilty was when Mike had come to demand that the music was turned off as it was disturbing his sleep Joe had joined the people that were yelling at Mike and had refused, which had made Mike even angrier then he was...

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